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Refer a Colleague Program

This program allows students to have their challenge credits fee waived by our program

Who is Eligible

  • Students in the RRT to BS program who have NOT paid for their challenge credits.


  • Person that you are referring would include your name when they fill out the Degree Advancement Program application:
  • Person that you are referring will need to be accepted into the program and complete RESPCARE 355.
  • The Respiratory Care Department will then waive the $200 associated with the challenge credit fee.

Further Information

  • This can only be used once, regardless of how many people are referred.
  • It must be used BEFORE the challenge credits are paid. Refunds will not be issued.
  • The student that is referred MUST complete 355 BEFORE the fee can be waived. *
  • If students forget to include the referring colleague on the admissions application, they may email with the name BEFORE they complete 355.

*Keep in mind the deadlines and processes that exist for the challenge credits