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Student Learning Outcomes

The RRT to BS degree program goal is to provide professional respiratory therapists with additional knowledge, skills to help meet current professional goals.

SLO 1 Writing in the Profession:

Students will demonstrate the ability to write effectively in the profession. Elements would include ability to organize an argument, support the argument with high quality relevant evidence, deliver it with good sentence structure and grammar, and cite and reference appropriately.

SLO 2 Oral Communication / Consultative Function / Knowledge:

Students will deliver a consultative presentation with recommendations that reflect the knowledge gained through courses in this program.

SLO 3 Critical Inquiry / Evidence-based Medicine:

Students will demonstrate the ability to formulate a clinical question, search the medical literature, and assess the collected literature for quality, relevance and limitations.

SLO 4 Teamwork / Inter-professional Cooperation:

Students will demonstrate collaboration in interĀ­-professional teams to accomplish a common goal.

SLO 5 Ethical Leadership:

Students will demonstrate effectively the ability to lead a group of professionals in an ethical manner promoting patient advocacy.

SLO 6 Teaching Patients and Healthcare Professionals:

Students will demonstrate the ability to educate patients, their families, and healthcare professionals.