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Accelerated Masters of Respiratory Care

Our Accelerated Masters program allows RRT-BS students to take graduate courses to count towards both an undergraduate and graduate degree

How it works?

Once students in the RRT-BS program finish RESPCARE 355 and one other course within the RRT-BS curriculum with grades of a “B” or higher, they can then apply for the accelerated master’s program. This program allows students to take up to two graduate courses (6 credits) that would fulfill elective requirements in the RRT-BS program. These course would also apply to their graduate degree. Please call us at 208-426-3383 or set-up an appointment to learn more.


  • Active as an RRT-BS student.
  • Complete RESPCARE 355 and one other course with grades of a “B” or higher.
  • Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.30 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Active state license to practice respiratory care (not applicable for Alaska & international students).
  • Meeting these requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the accelerated master’s degree program at Boise State University.

Other Considerations

  • Costs for these courses are charged at the graduate rate of $500/credit
  • The Masters program will still take two years to complete as outlined in the curriculum. Students will have semester/s with fewer classes while in the program. The start date for the Masters program will be the fall semester of every academic year.
  • Graduate students must be in at least 5 credits to receive federal financial aid.
  • Students who are not accepted into the program or do not enroll once accepted, will need to reapply to the graduate program and pay the application fee again.

Students accepted into the accelerated masters degree program are subject to all academic performance requirements published by the Graduate College, including semester GPA, program GPA, and individual course grade requirements. These requirements include maintaining a 3.0 GPA in the graduate level courses taken during the bachelor’s degree. For more information, consult the “Academic Performance” portion of the graduate catalog.

Registering for Classes

Application Deadlines by Semester

  • Fall: July 15th
  • Spring: December 15th
  • Summer: April 15th