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Video Transcript – Boise State University Respiratory Care 2020

Video Transcript

[Ryan Forbush, Program Director, Respiratory Care]: My name is Ryan Forbush, I’m the Program Director for the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care Program here at Boise State University. Our program prepares you for an exciting career in respiratory care.

[Brandy, Respiratory Care student]: What brought me to Respiratory Care was a lifelong passion for helping people. I love making people feel good and I wanted to do it in a way that had a huge impact.

[Gerald, Respiratory Care student]: Quality of life is what healthcare is all about, and I felt like the single most important thing that could influence anybody’s ability to focus on the things that they enjoy, to be able to do the things that they enjoy, is their ability to breathe – it’s the drive for life.

[Lucy, Respiratory Care student]: I went ahead and found that Boise State had a program and that it was one of the top programs in the nation, had very, very good testing rates and very good rates of students eventually getting jobs.

[Amanda, Respiratory Care student]: I love Boise. The weather here is great and everyone’s so nice.

[Brandy]: I love it here. You’ve got four seasons, you’ve got water, you’ve got mountains. If you like the outdoors at all, you love Boise.

[Amanda]: It’s just a welcoming community on and off campus.

[Lonny Ashworth, professor, Respiratory Care]: I don’t think that any of our faculty or staff believe that this is a job. This is what they do.

[Megan Koster, Chair, Respiratory Care]: I always tell my students that I will teach you not to the test. I think that any student who goes through our program will have no problem passing the board exams. I want to teach you to take care of my family member. I want to teach you the interpersonal skills, the clinical skills, and the compassion that you’re going to need to take care of someone I love.

[Lucy]: Because you have that individual attention and because you have that individual knowledge of personalities and they understand you, they can really exploit your strengths and that’s the advantage of having that communication and having that personal relationship.

[Amanda]: I always know that someone’s there behind me and that they’ve given me as much knowledge, more than I could possibly imagine.

[Megan]: Once you are a member of this family, you’re here for life. And we also work with our graduates so the entire community that we work with is really, really close and it’s a great support system.

[Lonny]: Our students, when they graduate, are very, very well prepared.

[Brandy]: I feel confident in all that I do in a clinical situation with patients because of the education they’ve given me.