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Data Analysis and Proportional Reasoning (Grades 6-8)

Led by Michele Carney (Boise State University) and Cathy Sorger (Boise School District)

Special thanks to the Idaho State Department of Education for funding this project.

1. Cookies and Cost

Students investigate the relationship between the costs of cookies and the number of cookies, as well as the ratios needed to mix different colors of paint.

2. Picture Frames

Students investigate the different representations they can use to model proportional relationships, as well as the scalar and functional relationships that exist in proportional situations.

3. Sit and Reach - Part 1

Students analyze the statistical question, “About how far can an average 6th grader sit and reach?”

4. Sit and Reach - Part 2

Students compare the sit-and-reach data collected from a sample of 7th grade students and a sample of teachers.