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CIP Curriculum & Course List

The Community Impact Certificate is both an online and face-to-face, in-community certificate designed specifically for students in the Community Impact Programs (CIP). Throughout the 12-month, 12-credit certificate, you will explore, apply, and integrate impact-driving skillsets with a critical leadership advancement core.  

Throughout the certificate you will be able to:

  • Meaningfully engage in your communities and strengthen regional networks
  • Explore local challenges and create collaborative ventures
  • Develop professional communication and dynamic leadership skills
  • Nurture an innovative, adaptive, and community-conscious mindset

This certificate is a great starting point if you’re just getting started with college or a wonderful addition to a bachelors degree if you’re wanting to finish what you started.  This certificate can be taken alongside other courses too, remember the scholarship applies to up to 30 credits over the course of the year!

Community Impact Certificate

Fall:  IPS 487 Community Impact and Leadership Seminar I:  Discovery and Teamwork  (1 credit).  Discover and evaluate core leadership competencies, enhance self-awareness, and develop an individual leadership portfolio.  Meets one time per semester, on a back-to-back Friday & Saturday, for 6-7 hours per day.

IPS 450 Creativity and Collaboration (3 credits).  Explore and apply the elements of a creative and collaborative mindset to generate original and adaptive solutions to challenging problems. Review and practice the stages of the creative process, from risk to revision, and set individual goals to develop more deliberate and productive creative collaborations. (7 week online course)

Spring: IPS 488 Community Impact and Leadership Seminar II:  Emotional Intelligence         (1 credit).  Explore emotional intelligence assessments to develop more effective communication strategies, to nurture healthy and productive relationships, and to improve essential emotional and social leaderships skills.  Meets one time per semester, on a back-to-back Friday & Saturday, for 6-7 hours per day.

PRO 320 Business and Professional Communication (3 credits).  Communication tools, processes, and practices in business and professional settings. (7 week online course)

Summer: IPS 489 Community Impact and Leadership Seminar III:  Integration and Design       (1 credit).  Identify a community-focused challenge, connect with local stakeholders, and design an integrative, authentic, and community-driven solution concept.  Meets one time per semester, on a back-to-back Friday & Saturday, for 6-7 hours per day.

ENTBUS 327 Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3 credits).  This course introduces students to the foundations of entrepreneurship. Topics include how to recognize business opportunities, develop business models and plans, and identify and locate sources of funding for business opportunities. Students will practice communicating business ideas to others. (7 week online course)