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CIP Curriculum & Course List

CIP Mission Statement

CIP empowers rural Idaho students with direct access to diverse, high-quality educational pathways, fueling personal, professional, and community growth.

CIP Program Learning Outcomes

After completing the Community Impact Program students will be empowered to:

  • Use holistic engagement strategies to connect with, to strengthen, or to create powerful networks, teams, and communities.
  • Leverage their emotional intelligence in a variety of settings.
  • Apply effective leadership skills that can help them inspire, motivate, and drive positive change.
  • Articulate the value of their unique skill sets, experiences, and knowledge.

Community Impact Certificate

Students pose for a photo at the top of a hike


IPS 486 Community Impact Seminar: Community Interconnection and Collaboration (1 credit)

This course focuses on understanding how we interact with different community systems and equips you with skills to navigate, participate in, and influence those systems.

IPS 488 Community Impact Seminar: Emotional Intelligence (1 credit)

This course provides you with the tools and frameworks to harness the power of emotional intelligence to enhance self-awareness, communication, and relationship building.


IPS 487 Community Impact Seminar: Leadership (1 credit)

This course provides you with the tools and insights to explore and strengthen your personal approach to leadership.

IPS 489 Community Impact Seminar: Activate Your Impact (1 credit)

This course prepares you to make an impact in your community by helping you translate your unique experiences and strengths into meaningful contributions.

IPS 490