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JED Campus at Boise State


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“Mental health impacts all aspects of our lives — school, work, home life, relationships, and our overall well-being. Supporting  mental health requires a comprehensive approach that addresses all the factors that can impact how we think, feel and perceive the world around us.” – The JED Foundation

JED at Boise State

Boise State has partnered with the JED Foundation to support the emotional well-being of all students and foster a thriving campus community.

Boise State is committed to supporting students’ mental health. As a JED Campus the university is in a multi-year collaboration with the JED Foundation to assess and enhance the work that is already being done, and to help create positive, lasting, systemic change in the campus community.

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Project Accomplishments in Year Two

The Steering Committee and Task Force have been diligently working to develop interventions to support student mental health at Boise State. Below is step-by-step outline of the progress made:

January 2023– Shared the Strategic Plan (developed by JED Campus) with the Task Force

Spring 2023– Established work groups based on key objectives in the strategic plan. Each workgroup pitched two projects that met objectives within the strategic plan.

Summer 2023– Workgroups for Screening Opportunities and Prevention Programming and Substance Misuse and Support in Transition plan fall interventions

Fall 2023– JED Campus interventions launched

During Spring 2024, the JED Campus initiative will focus on three main things:

  • Developing a gatekeeper suicide prevention training
  • Expanding access to lifesaving overdose response measures for those responding to incidents on campus
  • Conducting environmental scans

Steering Committee and Task Force

Steering Committee

Lauren Oe, Senior Associate Dean of Students (co-chair)
Dr. Matt Niece, Director of Counseling Services (co-chair)
Michelle Tassinari, Assistant Dean of Students, JED Campus Project Coordinator
McKenzie Sorrels, Director of Wellness/BroncoFit

Task Force

Michelle Payne, Assistant Provost for Academic Leadership and Faculty Affairs
Zoe Segnitz, Director of New Student Programs
Julia Gorman, Assistant Director, Educational Access Center
Jamie Jensen, Senior Career Counselor, Career Services
Adriane Bang, Associate Dean of Students, Gender Equity Center
Holly Kerrigan, Assistant Director of Residence Life
Dana Oster, Financial Wellness Coordinator
Sharon Gilchrist, Academic Advisor, College of Health Sciences
Stephanie Donaldson, Director Athletic Performance Psychology
Erika Anderson, Chief of Staff, President’s Office
Andrew Finstuen, Dean/Professor, Honors College
Don Plumlee, Associate Dean and Associate Professor, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
Matt Schmasow, Associate Director for Academic Support
Erin Rausch, Educational Development Specialist
Jason Bullock, Assistant Vice President for Student Communication and Marketing
Kelley Christianson, Financial Aid and Scholarships Director
Jordan Frank, Assistant Director, Outdoor Programs
David Weaver, Institutional Research Analyst, Senior
Tana Monroe, Director of Security, Police and Events Operations
Teresa Focarile, Associate Director for Education Development
Kelly Myers, Associate Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
Kate Law, Assistant Dean of Students for Behavioral
Candyce Reynolds, Director of University Foundations

Support Mental Health at Boise State

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With your help, the JED campus task force at Boise State University will keep working to reduce risk of suicide, substance misuse, and general mental health concerns experienced by students on campus. Your partnership in the JED Campus efforts makes a difference.

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Well-being Resources

Dean of Students

Student Outreach and Assistance

Idaho Crisis and Suicide Hotline


National Crisis Text Line

Text HOME to 741741
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JED Campus is a nationwide initiative of The Jed Foundation designed to help colleges and universities enhance emotional well-being and mental health promotion efforts, reduce substance abuse, and prevent suicide among students.