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Andrea Mitchell

Latinx-themed acrylic painting on wood panels.

Mixed media – acrylic on wood pallets
48″ x 24″

Photograph by the artist

My entire life has been a cultural struggle. Finding out who I am as an artist has taken one major thing, time. This work is a combination of a life-lifelong journey of finding my identity as an artist. I thought of making a conventional painting on stretched canvas and realized that I could not. Pallets are cheap, common, and disposable. I spent far too many years of my life thinking the same thing about myself as a Mexican-American. The current political climate and commercialization of Mexican food, designs, and celebrations made me feel that America wanted our culture and not us. 

My inspiration is drawn from my family, my heritage, and my resilient sense of pride. I placed my emotions in my paint strokes on top of these pallets. Pallets are commonly used to store, protect, and transport materials. Much like these pallets, I store the traditions I was blessed by from my family in my heart. I protect the stories of the people who brought my parents from Mexico. I transport the love I was blessed with. Ni de aqui, ni de alla..but here to stay. This painting is me.