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Ashley Stansell

A Process of Becoming
Dimensions variable

Photographs by Visionkit Studio

A Process of Becoming

My intent for this body of work was to explore the juxtaposition inherent in the nature of growth. I think of growth as an inevitable transition through the stages of life, and the way the challenges that we face almost always bring prosperity. Through these awkward, occasional burdensome times, there is a constant need to adjust, adapt, and overcome certain situations and surroundings. This perseverance and transformation exists within us and around us. These forms reflect the imperfect process of growth, sometimes organic, sometimes rhythmic, and sometimes unpredictable. These amphoric, volumetric forms serve as a representation of the infinite possibilities contained within ourselves. The dissonance and peace that coexist inside of us and on our surface, and the patience that leads to understanding the process of becoming.