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SOA Interdisciplinary Research Awards 2023

  • Anika Smulovitz (Art, Design, and Visual Studies), will create a series of wearable objects utilizing new materials, methods and processes such as microprocessors to capture the wearer’s act of breathing.
  • Alexandra Sjobeck (Music), Yurek Hansen (Theater Arts), Marla Hansen (emeritus faculty), Nathaniel Snyder (Communications and Media), Derek Ganong (Music) and Eryn Pierce (Art, Design, and Visual Studies) will explore multidisciplinary creative improvisation through music and dance.
  • Niharika Dinkar (Art, Design, and Visual Studies), Tom Grusiecki (Art, Design, and Visual Studies) and Emily Wakild (History and Environmental Studies) will institute a visiting speaker series as a permanent fixture in the School of the Arts programming.
  • Kate Walker (Art, Design, and Visual Studies) will work with city wide stakeholders on a participatory project that invites the public to bring and read selections from texts that help them “find a way” through the tumult of our current times.
  • Manuel Gómez-Navarro (World Languages), Jennifer Sorensen Forbey (Biological Sciences), Lisa Hunt (Stein Luminary), Carolina Viera (World Studies) and Brie Schettle (Graduate Alumna) will create a bilingual multimedia interactive exhibit that explores the scientific and cultural importance of our native sagebrush steppe.