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Agile Audiovisual

Agile Audiovisual

COID 335 | Online | 2nd 7 Weeks | 3 credits

Welcome to Agile Audiovisual. Learn to tell stories, shoot, and edit in a streamlined way with lightweight, modern technology and applications. Gain an understanding of industry vocabulary with hands-on experience planning, coordinating, and producing compelling content. Students will level up their content creation skills through in-depth video lessons, personalized feedback sessions, and immersive projects. Project scenarios include creating short and long-form videos, designing a photo gallery, curating a digital portfolio, and more! Complete the course with 6 projects and 1 professional portfolio.

Course Calendar

1Lesson 1: Content Culture
Dive into social media content culture and get an introduction to intentional branding.
Project 1: Content Culture
Unpack different content sources, as well as types of content, why you need to create an intentional brand, and identify your niche.
2Lesson 2: Creating Imagery
Learn photography basics and how to start creating interesting cohesive media using your smartphone.
Project 2: Creating Imagery
Learn how to make professional-looking content using just your smartphone and a few other household tools; outline your gear and create a photo gallery to showcase your brand.
3Lesson 3: Short Form Video
Create bite-sized videos that entertain, educate, and inspire. Culling down to only pertinent information.
Project 3: Short Form Video
Learn the genius behind Instagram reels and how to make your own to entertain, educate and inspire.
4Lesson 4: Long-Form Video
Learn the fundamentals of storytelling in video. Expand on ideas to captivate users for a longer period of time.
Project 4: Storytelling with Video
Concept your long-form video: storyboard it, outline it, script it.
5Lesson 5: Creating + Editing Video
Learn the basics of editing a video on a smartphone or desktop.
Project 5: Editing Video
Bring your long-form video to life and upload it to Instagram.
6Lesson 6: Curating a Digital Portfolio
Understand the foundations of planning and arranging a pleasing grid of thumbnails.
Project 6: Voice + Visuals
Bring your brand to fruition by representing its voice and visuals; establish your IG bio, name, niche, purpose, and photo grid.
7Lesson 7: Portfolio & Wrap-Up
Learn tips and tricks for creating an effective and professional portfolio and how to present it, build a network, and market yourself to potential employers.
Project 7: Portfolio Design
Want to impress potential employers or provide a case for a promotion? Build a professional portfolio to showcase your new audiovisual skills.