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Career Hacking

Career Hacking

COID 339 | In-Person, Online | 2nd 7 Weeks | 3 credits

Welcome to Career Hacking taught by Brad Weigle. Students will explore and practice proven methods for hacking into fulfilling creative careers through non-traditional networking and interviewing methods. Explore purpose and passions using reflective and introspective techniques and learn how to turn them into fulfilling work. Take control and turn the traditional job search approach on its head by taking a proactive role in designing a tailored future. Use innovative techniques and tools to hone resumes, create digital portfolios, and get interviews in competitive fields. Complete the course with 6 projects and 1 professional portfolio closer to landing a career.

Course Calendar

1Lesson 1: Self-Discovery
Learn the role your point of view, personality, and current reality all play in career development.
Project 1: Self-Discovery Workbook
Begin your career hacking journey by establishing your point of view, taking a personality test, and mapping out a personalized 5-year plan.
2Lesson 2: Self-Learning
Understand the role that self-learning plays in career hacking, identify job roles of interest, and get familiar with new career hacking tips and tools.
Project 2: Build a Self-Learning Plan
Research relevant job roles you’re interested in pursuing and build a self-learning plan to increase your application success rate.
3Lesson 3: Your Brand
Learn the inner workings of personal branding, the modern resume, designing a portfolio, and branding extensions.
Project 3: Create Your Brand
Design a resume, build a portfolio, consider other brand extensions, prepare, and record a video.
4Lesson 4: Company Search
Learn how to hack the traditional job search process, use career hacking tools to locate companies of interest, build a CRM, and more.
Project 4: Build a CRM of Leads
Find companies, scrape contacts, build a CRM, and more.
5Lesson 5: Outreach
Explore the evolution of outreach, how to establish connections with potential employers, how to use a CRM to maintain those connections, and more.
Project 5: Write Outreach Messages
Pick 3+ contacts, choose your opening strategy, and draft 3+ outreach messages.
6Lesson 6: Meeting Prep
Learn about gathering company intel, how to prepare for an interview, how to discuss pay & benefits, and more.
Project 6: Prepare for a Meeting
Pick a company and a job, gather intel and prepare notes, research pay, and prepare and record a video.
7Lesson 7: Portfolio & Wrap-Up
Learn tips and tricks for creating an effective and professional portfolio and how to present it, build a network, and market yourself to potential employers.
Project 7: Portfolio Design
Want to impress potential employers or provide a case for a promotion? Build a professional portfolio to showcase your new skills.