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Creative Concepting

Creative Concepting

COID 330 | Online, In-Person | 1st 7 Weeks | 3 credits

Welcome to Creative Concepting taught by Jennie Myers and Kate Holgate. Learn to hack your brain to achieve new levels of creativity. Use professionally proven creative processes and tools through immersive projects that relate to real-world challenges. Self-select challenge topics, conduct empathy interviews, design and prototype creative messaging, innovative new products, viable business solutions, and more. Finish the course with resume-worthy projects and new mindsets and skill sets you can use every day regardless of your chosen area of study or expertise.

Course Calendar

1 Lesson 1: Why Creativity Matters
Learn why the world needs more creative problem solvers at every level in every industry.
Project 1: 2051 Routine
Imagine it is the year 2051. Describe your morning routine as it may be impacted by future states of culture, technology, and regulation.
2Lesson 2: Creative Behavior
Understand the mindsets, tool sets, and skill sets needed to tap into your creative superpowers.
Project 2: Product 2.0
Using Morphological Analysis, invent a new product to address a need for a particular audience in a given area as assigned.
3Lesson 3: Creative Process
Learn the cycle and science of creative thinking and how to develop a process that works for you.
Project 3: Rally Cry
Identify a worthy cause and develop a slogan for a public service campaign.
4Lesson 4: Opportunity Mining
Learn how to identify problems and opportunities and how to arrive at an inspiring and actionable insight.
Project 4: POV + HMW
Use empathy interviewing to identify an area of work or life that is frustrating or problematic to your interviewee.
5Lesson 5: Brain Hacking
Learn how to hack your brain for maximum idea generation. Discover how associative thinking and connection mixing is the secret sauce.
Project 5: 51 Ideas
Using the Point of View and "How Might We?" statements you identified in Week 4, use brain-hacking tools to generate multiple divergent ideas.
6Lesson 6: Planning for Action
Learn how to wade through, identify, and prioritize the most fruitful ideas, prototype, and make ideas actionable.
Project 6: Make It Happen
Use a decision matrix to identify the best ideas and create a "Big Idea Canvas" to prototype the market validity of your idea.
7Lesson 7: Portfolio & Wrap Up
Learn tips and tricks for creating an effective and professional portfolio and how to present it, build a network, and market yourself to potential employers.
Project 7: Portfolio Design
Want to impress potential employers or provide a case for a promotion? Build a professional portfolio to showcase your new skills.