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Pitching Ideas

Pitching Ideas

COID 338 | Online | 2nd 7 Weeks | 3 credits

Welcome to Pitching Ideas taught by Nikson Mathews. Learn to inspire movements in teams and cultures by creating and designing nontraditional pitches. Understand various pitch styles and how to personalize them rather than fit into traditional molds. Apply different organizational strategies to design content beyond traditional PowerPoint layouts. Empower ideas through design and delivery using industry-standard, modern, and approachable tools. Pitching scenarios include app ideas, campaigns, organizational changes, business plans, and more! Complete the course with 6 pitch projects and 1 professional portfolio.

Course Calendar

1Lesson 1: Intro to Pitching
Learn the anatomy of a pitch, the various types of pitch styles, how to use each of them to communicate different messages, and how to identify your own.
Project 1: Pitch Style
You have been invited to audition to share your sage life advice at the official Ted Conference. You have 5 minutes to make an impression with the hopes of being selected.
2Lesson 2: Context, Content & Confidence
Learn the roles that context, content, and confidence all play when constructing and delivering a pitch.
Project 2: The Ground Up
Develop an idea you have into something tangible using the Narrative Construction Model aka IRPSN (Ideal, Reality, Problem, Solution, Next Steps).
3Lesson 3: The Hook
Learn the inner workings of an elevator pitch and how to grab the audience’s attention through various hook tactics.
Project 3: Role Play
The opportunity to pitch your great idea has finally arrived, just not in the way you expected. Deliver that idea through either a 5-second, 30-second, or 5-minute pitch.
4Lesson 4: Presentation Design
Learn how to build an effective and impressive presentation deck, what mistakes to avoid, and get introduced to various design tools.
Project 4: Decked Out Pitch
Turn your idea into a thriving business. But first, sell us on it. Create a presentation, conduct market research, build a mini brand, and pitch your idea.
5Lesson 5: Authentic Persuasion
Learn how to leverage your persuasive superpowers; get introduced to numerous persuasive techniques, learn how to utilize them to increase the influence and effectiveness of a pitch.
Project 5: Persuasive Frames
You finally get the opportunity to pitch your idea to an investor. To make the pitch more persuasive, conduct market research and utilize persuasive frames to help sell your shiny new idea.
6Lesson 6: Storytelling
Learn the importance of stories, their impact, and the various techniques used to tell them.
Project 6: Story Time
You finally got the call. You’ve been selected to speak at the next Ted Talk Conference! Now’s your chance to share your truly inspiring story about a challenge you’ve overcome and the lesson(s) you’ve learned from that experience.
7Lesson 7: Portfolio & Wrap-Up
Learn tips and tricks for creating an effective and professional portfolio and how to present it, build a network, and market yourself to potential employers.
Project 7: Portfolio Design
Want to impress potential employers or provide a case for a promotion? Build a professional portfolio to showcase your new pitching skills.