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Creating a Community Out of Virtually Nothing

Bronco Day Spring 2018, Quad, Liberal Arts, Library, Aaron Bacus Photo

This year the School of Social Work’s online program has a significant presence at the annual Social Work Distance Education Conference (SWDE).

Boise State’s Online MSW program will present what they’ve learned over the years of managing their nationally ranked program. Since its inception, program coordinator, Jen Obenshain, and her staff have worked to create bonds in a virtual world. They’ve done this by hiring the right combination of faculty and staff to make those connections more tangible.

Almost like building a house with a foundation of solid teaching practices, the program reinforces its base with the addition of a technology specialist and student success advisors. This structure creates a community for remote faculty and students that provides support that is not only substantial but successful. 

We wish them luck and congratulations on their presentations.

  • Andrew Wilburn, Donna Haney, Lori Watsen, Nicole Lang, and Jen Obenshain will present, “Student Success, Faculty Academic, & Field Advising – A Collaborative Team Model in a Fully Online MSW Program.”
  • Jennifer Obenshain will present “Courting, then Supporting Online Faculty -Connection and relationship in a virtual world.”

Jennifer Obenshain “How Skilled Are We at Teaching Practice Skills Online?”