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Daniel Harkness, Ph.D., LCSW

Professor Emeritus and Licensed Clinical Social WorkerDaniel Harkness Portrait

Curriculum Vitae

Announcing the 5th Edition of Supervision in Social Work

Supervision in Social Work

The continuation of a classic! As always, the book is a joy to read, replete with numerous case examples to illustrate the major principles. — Cynthia D. Bisman, Bryn Mawr College

This edition of the classic Alfred Kadushin and Daniel Harkness text continues as the seminal work on supervision in social work, a distinctive practice valued by generations of social workers. Drawing on the growing body of contemporary empirical findings, the authors provide support for many of the long-standing concepts, principles, and practices so astutely identified in the original and later editions. Recent literature from social work and related fields is integrated with contemporary issues facing social work agencies and their supervisors. New and experienced supervisors as well as supervision scholars and researchers will find this comprehensive text an invaluable resource. — Marion Bogo, University of Toronto

Supervision is an incredibly complex aspect of professional practice, encompassing support, education, administration, evaluation, discipline, and risk management. Since its first edition, this book has been the gold standard on the art and science of supervision. The authors effectively build on that strong foundation by distilling important research, identifying risks and opportunities, and recommending strategies for sound supervision amid contemporary challenges. Our profession is so fortunate to have this resource! — Kim Strom-Gottfried, UNC

Research and Scholarship

Clinical social work
Educating and credentialing social workers
Evaluation and treatment of mental disorders
Social work supervision

Classroom Teaching

Clinical Social Work Practice
Evaluation and treatment of addictions
Evaluation and treatment of mental disorders
Foundation practice with individuals, families, and groups
Social Work Supervision

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