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Student Practicum Tracking with Sonia Live

The School of Social Work uses a Web-based software system called Sonia Live as a means to track all students serving (or about to serve) in practicum (field work). The Boise State School of Social Work implemented Sonia Live in order to track student placements while providing students a valuable tool to research prospective field agencies.

The Sonia Live system allows both Boise State University and field agencies to communicate with students participating in practicum. Because of this, it is essential part of students’ fieldwork responsibilities to keep all information current. Anyone using the Sonia Live system will need their default username and password to login for the first time.

Please become familiar with this system.  For any questions regarding the Sonia Live database, including initial access, please contact the Boise State School of Social Work Field Team as follows:

What Does Sonia Live Do?

Sonia Live helps you manage the information you need for your field placement program. Sonia Live maintains and reports information about field placement agencies, supervisors, and students, and track student assignments from semester to semester and historically. It is feature rich, and easy to use.

Sonia Live simplifies the process of collecting information from and communicating with Agencies, Supervisors, and Students involved in your field placement program by allowing them to access and update field information over the internet using a web-browser.

A powerful feature of Sonia Live is online forms. With online forms you can have documents like your learning agreements and student evaluations filled out and stored online without requiring printed paper.

  • Sonia Live (Sonia) easily organizes and “tracks” essential fieldwork information, including:
  • Student Interns (with color pictures, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and demographic data)
  • Fieldwork, Agency, and Supervisor Information
  • Fieldwork Placements
  • Comments regarding field experiences
  • Documents such as Evaluations and learning agreements can be completed and stored online
  • Allows for Students, Supervisors, and Agencies to access and update their own information as needed, thereby maintaining a current database of everyone involved.

Why Sonia Live?

Sonia Live serves the needs of everyone involved in the practicum process:

For Boise State

  • Provides a paperless solution for tracking and archiving all aspects of the fieldwork process.
  • Allows the college to effectively communicate with both students and field instructors.
  • Allows practicum director to make and save notes regarding student placement process as well as their entire practicum experience.
  • Simplifies the accreditation process.
  • Extensive reporting and report customization capabilities

For Students

  • Allows students to research potential placement opportunities to find the best possible match.
  • Direct communication help students keep on top of their practicum responsibilities.
  • Eliminates paperwork and provides the student access to their practicum information.

For Agencies

  • Allows agencies to promote and accurately describe their fieldwork opportunities in order to match students in ideal learning environments.
  • Provides supervisors a one-stop resource to access information regarding their interns.
  • Paperless system allows supervisors to complete all required information online and provides access to completed and working documents.
  • Increases communication between Boise State and your agency.