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The Boise State Organization of Student Social Workers (OSSW) serves to provide the social work student community with an opportunity for additional growth and development during their college careers. The organization seeks to offer continual learning experience for students in the areas of policy decision making, administration, leadership, and organizational skills development. The organization also exists to provide students with current information and knowledge regarding the profession of social work.

The Organization of Student Social Workers was established at Boise State University in 1974. OSSW seeks to provide the social work student with an additional opportunity for learning in such areas as leadership, organization skills, policy, and decision making, as well as providing a sense of community among students in the School of Social Work.

One of the many goals of OSSW this school year is to foster a welcoming and accepting environment to encourage a variety of people to partake in our organization. We do many fundraisers and service projects. Our main fundraising resource is concessions at the Taco Bell Arena with Aramark. Taking an active role and volunteering at the concessions is a great opportunity to meet new and friendly people who share the same interests as you.

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2023/2024 Officers

President: Tiegan Phillips

Vice President: Madison Hobdy

Secretary: Rami Gonzalez-Roe

Treasurer: Carter Tangen

Faculty Advisor: Raymond Mullenax, LCSW (Director of Field Education, Clinical Associate Professor)