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Addiction Studies

Addiction Studies Certificate

Any interested student can take Addiction Studies courses. The Addiction Studies Certificate seeks to educate students in health sciences and beyond to work with individuals and communities impacted by substance use. With our addiction studies certificate, students will learn how to address substance use in both individual and group environments.

The Addiction Studies Certificate is 9 credits and consists of 3 courses. See the current undergraduate catalog for course descriptions and certificate requirements. The courses that need to be taken in order to earn the Addiction Studies Certificate are;

  • ADST 110: Introduction to Drugs and Society (3-0-3)
  • ADST 448: Motivational Interviewing (3-0-3)
  • ADST 466: Assessment and Case Management of Behavioral Health Disorders (3-0-3)


For more information on the Addiction Studies Certificate or specific courses please contact Susan Esp, Ph.D., Associate Professor at (208) 426-3970 or