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Video Transcript – The School of Social Work at Boise State

Video Transcript

[April Calhoun, B.A. Social Work Graduate and M.S.W. Student]: Social Work is empowering others.

[Dan Ault, B.A. Social Work Graduate and M.S.W. Student]: Social Work to me is working with different populations helping them to access resources in our community and advocating for those that don’t have the ability to speak for themselves.

[Michaela McQuilkin, B.A. Social Work Graduate]: Social Work is a profession which we get to help people.

[Alexander Schloss, MSW Graduate]: There are a lot of barriers that exist in our society and our community and social work is just one method of helping to help navigate and help to alleviate a lot of those barriers.

[Dan Ault]: Social workers, they do many things they, they advocate, they help people to access resources, they work with vulnerable populations.

[April Calhoun]:They’re in the medical field, they’re in adoption, they work with children, they work with the elderly.

[Dan Ault]: I’m just really proud to be part of a generalist education that gave me a great idea of what I want to do for the rest of my career.

[Michaela McQuilkin]: A lot of my classmates are working for child welfare or working with veterans. Really Social Workers are just there to act as a form of support and then also as an advocate when it comes to policies and programming.

[April Calhoun]: The Social Work program at Boise State really encompasses what it means to be social work there’s a code of ethics that we agree to abide by as social workers and not only do they follow that professionally but I think they believe that personally as well which really goes a long way.

[Alexander Schloss]: One of the things that I really like about Boise State is that they’ve been there every step of the way encouraging me to go out and find these new paths. What I appreciated most about the school of Social Work program is the amount of support I got.

[Michaela McQuilkin]: Well the Social Work program here at Boise State is really inclusive they also really try to prepare you for the specific field you’re wanting to go into.

[April Calhoun]: We need people in the world that are willing to help others.

[Dan Ault]: Social Work is important because there’s populations within our community that are that are having difficulties and you need to have an advocate out there to help them access those resources and and and help make changes in society that will benefit all people.