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At all points in your college career, make sure that you avail yourself of academic and career advising. We will offer every resource, but in the end you have to drive this process. We are committed to your success, but we need your help. If you will review these resources, with your preparation, we can tailor a course of study that will put you on a path to the future you seek.

Freshman and Sophomore majors are offered academic advising by the Center for Advising and Student Success, to set up an appointment with CASS but we encourage you to begin to establish a relationship with a sociology faculty mentor working in your area. Make sure you establish a connection with the Sociology Department as soon as you declare one of our majors or minors.

Juniors and Seniors are assigned a sociology faculty advisor, but you may decide to work with another faculty member as you near graduation.

Students working toward the Ethnic Studies B.S. and the Ethnic Studies and Mexican-American Studies minors are advised by the Director of Ethnic Studies, Dr. Dora Ramirez

Students seeking the Education degrees should contact the advisor for social science educators. In the college of Education.

Here are Boise State’s recommendations prior to meeting with your advisor.