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Graduating Sociologist Sophia Ugarkovich

Graduating Sociologist Sophia Ugarkovich has been selected as Boise State University Graduating Student Leader for Fall 2020 graduation. It is well deserved.

Lead Coordinating Intern, Sociology Department’s Prison Education Program

Founding Member, Alliance for Higher Education in Prison Club

Vice president of Member Experience, Alpha Gamma Delta Women’s Fraternity

“True leadership encompasses Humility and desire to work with and learn about others who possess a variety of Identities.”

We at the Sociology Department are very proud of her most excellent academic success and leadership skills.

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“The future is bright, I was hired on to be a case manager at a local mental health counseling company where I will serve diverse populations and coordinate their treatment plans. I am in the process of applying to graduate programs to get my Master of Social Work and I hope to one day get my LCSW credential so I can work as a mental health counselor. I am so appreciative for the Boise State Sociology department and all the wonderful staff and professors who have made my time at BSU great.”