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Sociology of a Pop Star: Taylor Swift Podcast

Sociology of a Pop Star: Taylor Swift

In March, Boise State sociology professor Dr. Sharon Paterson offered a workshop course about Taylor Swift. Learn about the sociology of a popstar as Johanna discusses the course with Dr. Paterson and students Sophie Pederson and Jazmyne Hartogh.

Dr. Sharon Paterson’s 30-year career has been dedicated to implementing programs that increase college students’ success and learning, mentoring students’ academics, research, and leadership, and teaching sociology courses on broad topics such as gender, inequality, work, and higher education. Dr. Paterson’s passion is engaging students’ intellectual curiosity and helping them apply concepts to everyday life.

Sophie Pederson is a senior at Boise State University. She majors in Sociology and is also passionate about Anthropology and Psychology. After graduating, she plans to continue her studies in sociology or evolutionary psychology. In her free time she enjoys skiing and camping.

Jazmyne Hartogh is a senior at Boise State University, graduating this upcoming May of 2024. She is graduating with a bachelor’s in integrated media and strategic communications with an emphasis in Integrated Media, as well as earning certificates in Public Relations and Sports, Information, and Culture.