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Dora Ramirez: Vita

Dora Alicia Ramírez, PhD


Boise State University
Department of Sociology
Riverfront Hall 214
Phone: (208) 426-3406


Degree Year Institution
Ph.D, English August 2003 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
M.A., English June 1997 New Mexico State University
B.A., English March 1995 Oregon State University
Dissertation title: “Writing Chicana Identity: Strategies of Resistance and Reformulation”


Dates Institution Rank
Fall 2020-present Boise State University Director of Ethnic Studies
Fall 2019-present Boise State University Full Professor and
Graduate Faculty
Fall 2018-present Boise State University Director of M.A. in Literature
and M.A. in Rhetoric and
Fall 2011-Spring 2019 Boise State University Associate Professor and
Graduate faculty
Fall 2006-Spring 2011 Boise State University Assistant Professor and
Graduate faculty
Fall 2008-Spring 2010 Boise State University Associate Chair
Fall 2005-Spring 2006. New Mexico Highlands University Assistant Professor and
Director of Composition
Fall 2003-Spring 2005 University of Texas-Pan American Assistant Professor


Graduate Courses

Sociology 471: Feminist Theory (3 graduate students)
English 500: Research Methods in Literary Studies
English 550: Intersectionality in Ethnic Literature
English 530: Latina/o Literature and Film in 21st Century America
English 530: Postcolonial Literature in the Americas
English 550: Chicana/o Literature and Culture
English 595: Readings and Conference
English 597: Independent Study: Chicano/a Literature

Undergraduate Courses

Sociology 305 /Gender 380: Racial and Cultural Minorities
Sociology 333: Contemporary Issues/Chicanx
Sociology 471/Gender 301: Feminist Theory
UF 200: Civic and Ethical Foundations (Censorship in Literature, Film, and Music)
English 213: African American Literature
English 216: Cultural Exchange in Transnational Literatures
English 275: Methods of Literary Studies
English 278: Survey of American Literature
English 324: The Rhetoric of Women Writers
English 390: Ethnic Literature. Service Learning Component. Partner: Tunnel of Oppression.
Multicultural Student Services, Boise State University
English 392: Film and Literature
English 387: Twentieth-Century American Fiction
English 397: Contemporary Childbirth. Cross-disciplinary course, co-taught with Kelley Connor,
Nursing Department
English 397: Chicano/a Literature
English 397: Ethnic Literature
English 424: Literature for Social Change
English 424: Special Topics in Literature: Censorship in Contemporary American Literature

Directed Learning of Students

PhD. Graduate Faculty Representative (GFR). School of Public Service. Jasmine Platt. Fall
M.A. Thesis Director. Gretchen Gardner. Fall 2020-present
M.A. Committee Member. Sarah Breslin. Fall 2019-Spring 2020
M.A. Committee Member. Kameron Walters. Spring 2018-Spring 2019
M.A. Committee Member. Tyler Salinas. Spring 2018-Spring 2019
M.A. Committee Member. Tracy Bringhurst. Spring 2018-Spring 2019
MFA Thesis Committee Member. Dan Lau. Fall 2016-Spring 2018
M.A. Committee Member. Heather McBride. Completed Spring 2017
M.A. Committee Member. Jason Burkey. Completed Spring 2017
M.A. Thesis Director. Monica Brown. Completed May 2015
M.A. Thesis Director. Christian Gross. Completed May 2015
M.F.A. Thesis Committee Member. Elizabeth Mackness. Completed May 2015
M.A. Thesis Director. Kathryn Bowen. Completed May 2012
M.A. Thesis Director. Annemarie Garcia. Completed Spring 2010
M.A. Thesis Committee Member. Rebecca Warren. Completed Fall 2010
M.A. Thesis Committee Member. Jan Roser. Completed Spring 2010
M.A. Thesis Committee Member. Melissa Vargas. Completed Spring 2009
PhD Dissertation Outside Committee Member. Kendall Leon. Michigan State University. Completed
Spring 2010

McNair Advisor. Eric Amador. Spring 2018-Spring 2019
McNair Advisor. Mitzi Luna. Spring 2018-Spring 2019

Independent Study

Rogelio Gomez. Ethnic Studies Curriculum. Summer 2020. (Sociology, undergraduate)
Dan Lau. On Michel Foucault. August 2016 – December 2016. (English, graduate)
Jasmine Platt. “Thoracic Sequence”. January 2015 – May 2015. (English, undergraduate)
Monica Brown. “African American Children’s Lit.” Spring 2012. (English, undergraduate)
President’s Writing Award. Jordan Hartman. “Advocating for Adolescence.” UF200. Summer 2016



Medical Fragmentation: Literary Modernism, Scientific Discourse, and the Mexican, Indigenous Body,
1870-1940s. Lexington Books. Published, June 2017. (Nominated for Latin American Studies Association’s Book of the Year Award—Mexico section)

Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Wild Negotiations: Dolores del Rio’s Filmic Identity in 1940’s Cinema.” Women’s Studies: An
Interdisciplinary Journal. 43.2 (2014): 202-229.
“Negotiating Conflicting Rhetorics: Rancheras and Documentary in the Classroom.” Feminist Teacher,
a Journal of the Practices, Theories, and Scholarship of Feminist Teaching. 21:3 (2011). 179-194.
“The Rhetoric of Aztlán: HB2281, MEChA, and Liberatory Education.” Reflections: A Journal of
Writing, Community Literacy, and Service-Learning. Online Featured Edition. Editor: Steve Parks. Syracuse University. (January 2011).
“The Cyberborderland: Surfing the Web for Xicanidad.” Chicana/Latina Studies, the Journal of
Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambios Social. 5.1 (Winter 2005).

Book Chapters

“‘Under all the laws, natural, human, and divine’: Reinterpreting La Leyenda Negra’s Colonial
Purpose.” Ecoambiguity, Community, and Development. Eds. Dr.Scott Slovic, Dr. Swarnalatha Rangarajan, and Vidya Sarveswaran. Lexington Books, March 2014.
“The Gummy Bears Speak: Articulating Identity in Sandra Cisneros’s ‘Never Marry a Mexican.’”
Sandra Cisneros’ Woman Hollering Creek. Dialogue Book Series—Special Volume. Ed.
Cecilia S. Donohue. XXV (Dialogue 9). Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2010. 89-111.
“Dissecting Environmental Racism: Redirecting the Toxic in Alicia Gaspar de Alba’s Desert Blood and
Helena Maria Viramontes’s Under the Feet of Jesus.” The Natural World in Latin American Literatures: Ecocritical Essays on Twentieth Century Writings. Ed. Adrian Kane. McFarland Press. (Spring 2010).
“Discovering a ‘Proper Pedagogy’: The Geography of Writing at UTPA.” Co-author Dr. Rebecca
Jones. Teaching Writing with Latino/a Students: Lessons Learned at Hispanic-Serving Institutions, Eds. Cristina Kirklighter, Susan Loudermilk, Diana Cardenas, and Susan Wolff Murphy. New York: SUNY Press, Summer 2007.

Review Essays

“Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor: Book Review.” ISLE: Interdisciplinary
Studies in Literature and Environment. 19.2 (Spring 2012): 424-425.
“Relocations and Border Crossings” (co-author, Jana Bouma). College Literature: Oral Fixations. 28.1
(Winter 2001): 219-227.
“Her Wild American Self: Book Review.” Present Tense: Writing and Art By Young Women. Corvallis,
OR: Calyx Books, 1996. 158-160.

In Process

“Los de Abajo: Rasquache Political Resistance through Cultural Studies.” Chicana/Latina Studies.
Associated with NEH grant (See Grants)
“A Metaphor of Exclusion: ‘Illegal Alien,’ Citizenship, Censorship, and Natural Law.” In Progress.
“Decolonizing the Latinx Technological Body.” Article submitted to American Quarterly. Revision in
Victim: Another Meaning. Book in progress.


“Citizenship, DACA, and “The Idaho Way”: Rhetorics of Hospitality.” RSA Biennial Conference.
Portland, OR (March 2020). Canceled.
“Decolonizing the Latinx Technological Body.” Modern Language Association Conference. Seattle,
WA (January 2020).
“Stories in the Shadows: Countering Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric.” Cultural Rhetorics Biennial
Conference. Lansing, MI (October 2018).
“Los de Abajo: Rasquache Political Resistance and the Gentrification of Latinx Murals.” El Mundo
Zurdo: Borderlands 1987–2017. Trinity University. San Antonio, TX (May 17-19, 2018).
“Vaginas, Vocab, and Values: Rhetorical Practices that Challenge Our Political Divides (an
Interactive—Collaborative Session). Feminist Rhetorics Conference. The University of Dayton. Dayton, OH (October 2017).
“Working and Getting Worked: An Interactive, Decolonial, Queer, and Feminist Roundtable on Labor
in Rhetoric and Composition.” Conference on College Composition and Communication.
Portland, OR (March 2017).
“Decolonizing and Redefining the Terms: On Diversity and Restorative Justice in the Classroom.”
Cultural Rhetorics Conference. Michigan State University. Lansing, MI (October 2, 2016).
“The Xtabay Revisited: Latina Modernists and the Anxious Soul.” Feminist Rhetorics Conference.
Arizona State University. Tempe, AZ (October 31, 2015).
“Costumbrismo in a Shadowed World: Anxiety in Josefina Niggli’s Step Down, Elder Brother,”
American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA). Seattle, WA. (March 29, 2015).
“‘A Gift from God’: Religion and Science in Maria Cristina Mena’s Short Fiction.” Gender and
Sexuality Conference. Pocatello, ID (March 2015).
“Dolores del Río: Navigating National Spaces and Filmic Identity in 1940’s Cinema.” Conference on
College Composition and Communication. Indianapolis, IN (March 2014).
“Dolores del Río: Navigating National Spaces and Filmic Identity in 1940’s Cinema.” Rocky Mountain
MLA. Boise State University. (October 2014).
“Metaphors of Exclusion: “Anchor Babies” and Reproductive Justice.” Conference on College
Composition and Communication. Las Vegas, NV (March 2013).
“Medical Rhetoric as Social Order in late 19th Century Mexico and the United States.” Conference on
College Composition and Communication. St. Louis, MO (March 2012).
“Quackery and Social Order in late 19th Century Medical Discourse.” MALCS (Mujeres activas en
letras y cambios social). Los Angeles, CA (August 2011).
“Chicano Environmental Folklore: Connecting Story to Current Issues in the Classroom.” National
Council of Teachers of English. Orlando, FL (November 2010).
“Social Sustainability and Toxic Rhetoric: A Methodology in Interpreting Mythology.” Panel Session:
“Chicana/o Environmentalism in the Classroom? Social Sustainability and the Rethinking of Privilege, Access, and Local Knowledges.” National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies. Seattle, WA (April 2010).
“Social Sustainability and Toxic Rhetoric: A Methodology in Interpreting Mythology.” Panel Session:
“Chicana/o Cultural Connections: Environmentalism, Social Sustainability and the Rethinking of Privileged Pedagogy.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Louisville, KY (March 2010).

Featured Speaking Engagements

Spotlight Session. “‘It is a sensibility—not a style’: Rasquachismo in Immigrant Narratives of
Resistance.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Pittsburgh, PA (March 2019).
Featured Session. “Questioning Pedagogical Contested Space: A Chicana Perspective.” Conference on
College Composition and Communication. Atlanta, Georgia (April 2011).
Featured Speaker. “The Difference is in the Voice: Listening to the “Minor-ity” Perspective in
Academia.” CCCC Virtual Conference. April 29, 2011.


PODER (Protecting Our Dreams and Empowering Resistance). August 2017-present. I am a founding
member and active member of this volunteer-only and non-profit organization.
Sample of Activities Organized:
o Storyfort Event raising awareness about immigration rights and laws (2019, 2018, 2017)
o DACA Rally in Support of #Dreamers (September 2017). Over 2,000 people attended.
o Solidarity with Dreamers (Sept. 21, 2017). Education workshop about DACA.
o Story Story Night. I worked with a DACA recipient from the community with her story, which she then shared with an audience of over 300 people.
o Activist Academy (Jan 2018)
o Informational Meetings for DACA Recipients and their families (Jan 23, 2018)
o United We Dream National Demonstrations (October 2017 to January 2018)
Coordinator and Fundraiser:
Visiting Scholar: Dr. Brenda J. Allen. Vice-Chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion. This 3-Day Event was a Diversity Initiative at Boise State University. 2012.
Coordinator, Moderator and Presenter. 21st, 20th, and 19th National African American Read-In. Student Union Building. (19th Read-In was held at the Idaho Black History Museum). (February 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008). Participant, February 2012, 2013.
Tunnel of Oppression. Fall 2009. Debriefer. Fall 2008. Advisor and Debriefer. “Bi-racial” section.


Membership on Boards or committees, Offices held, etc.
Nominated for the MLA Executive Committee of the forum RCWS History and Theory of Rhetoric. Election December 2016.
The Idaho Hispanic Caucus Institute of Research and Education (IHCIRE). Committee member.
Fall 2012-present.
Member and Liaison to the NCTE/CCCC’s Executive Committee. CCCC Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession. Conference on College Composition and Communication. (Spring
2010 –Spring 2013).
Executive Committee. National Council of Teachers of English and Conference on College Composition and Communication. (Fall 2007-Spring 2010) (Voted into office in a national election.)

Membership in Organizations

Cultural Rhetorics, Feminist Rhetorics, LASA: Latin American Studies Association, MALCS: Mujeres Activas en letras y cambios social, MELUS: The Society for the Study of Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States, MLA: Modern Language Association, NACCS: National Association for Chicano and Chicana Studies, NWSA: National Women’s Studies Association


English Department Supplemental Grant. April 2018. $1,000.
National Endowment for the Humanities grant. August 2017-present. Matching grant $250,000.
Casita Nepantla Latino Research Grant. October 2016. $600.
COAS Travel Grant, COAS. March 2015.
Service-Learning Course Development Grant. Boise State University. Spring 2013. $300
Center for Teaching and Learning Course Design Institute. Boise State University. 2010. $500.


Faculty Excellence Award. College of Arts and Sciences. Boise State University. (2019).
Nominated for Book of the Year: Mexican Section. Latin American Studies Association. (2017).
Nominated for Inclusive Excellence Award, Boise State University. (April 2015).
Nominated for Golden Apple Award, ASBSU. (March 2015).
2009 Division of Student Affairs’ Faculty Partner Award Nominee. (Fall 2009).


National Service
Conference organizing committee for Cultural Rhetoric’s conference (2017-2019).
Editorial Review Board. constellations: a cultural rhetorics publishing space. The Culture
Rhetorics Consortium. August 2016-present.
Conference Panel/Proposal Reviewer. Cultural Rhetorics Conference. October 2016.
Article Reviewer. BLAR: Bulletin of Latin American Research, MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature of
the United States, and Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society.
Stage I and II Conference Panel/Proposal Reviewer. NCTE: National Council of Teachers of
English. Feb 2014. Conference on College Composition and Communication. June 2010.
CCCC Exemplar Award Committee. Chair. Conference on College Composition and
Communication. (Fall 2013-Spring 2014).
CCCC Task Force to Study the Convention Clusters. Committee member. Conference on
College Composition and Communication. (Spring 2013-present).
Editorial Board. College English. (Spring 2012-Spring 2013).
Guest Editor. Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society. Special Issue on Medical Rhetorics.
(Spring 2012).
Member of the 2012 Scholars for the Dream Selection Committee. Conference on College Composition and Communication. (Fall 2011-Spring 2012). Invitation by Conference Chair.

University Service

Strategic Planning Committee: Thriving Community. August 2020-present.
Statement Reviewer for Black Lives Matter University materials. Summer 2020.
UF200 Sub-Committee of the GEC. Fall 2017-present.
President Kustra’s Diversity Advisory Council. January 2017-Spring 2019.
Faculty Senate. Diversity Committee. August 2014-present.
Gender Studies Advisory Board. Spring 2007-present.
University Curriculum Committee. Fall 2008-Spring 2013.

Department Service

Director of Ethnic Studies. Department of Sociology. (Fall 2020-present).
Graduate Director. M.A. in English Literature and the M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition. Fall
2018-Spring 2020).
Member. Executive Ad-Hoc Committee. (Fall 2018-present).
Member. Faculty Search Hiring Committee for Rhetoric and Composition. Fall 2017-Spring 2018.
English Department Promotion and Tenure Committee. (Spring 2015 – Spring 2018).
Assessment Committee. Literature courses: Engl 395 and Engl 393. Fall 2012.
Associate Chair. Boise State University, English Department. Fall 2008-Spring 2010.

Community service

Radio Boise. Board member. October 2020-present.
Idaho Film Collection member. August 2020-present.
MING Studios board member. Spring 2019-present
PODER (Protecting Our Dreams and Empowering Resistance). August 2017-present. I am a
founding and continuing active member of this non-profit organization.