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Examples of Internships Possibility


Organization NameOrganization DescriptionInternship Description
Department of SociologyAcademic DepartmentAssisting faculty with teaching, holding tutoring sessions, and evaluating student work. Must have taken the class in the past and receive instructor permission.
Department of SociologyAcademic DepartmentAssisting faculty with their research: preparing literature reviews, collecting and analyzing data.
Department of SociologyAcademic Advising DepartmentProvide academic advising to the department's majors and minors. Hold office hours
Intermountain Social Research Lab - Department of SociologyThe Inter-Mountain Social Research Lab (IMSRL) of the Department of Sociology addresses pressing issues in the discipline and the Boise community through bringing research and teaching together. In a yearlong intensive research training program, faculty guide a small group of undergraduate students through developing and executing all aspects of an original research project, from inception to dissemination.Internship duties include applying classroom-learned research skills in a lab setting on a real-time research project examining how changes in higher education are experienced by students. Learning objectives include: writing reviews of the literature; collaborating with lab participants on aspects of the project in a group setting; designing an interview instrument; interviewing subjects; transcribing interviews; analyzing interview data; and writing a research report of the findings.
Ada County Juvenile Court ServicesACJCS is one of the finest juvenile courts in the country. Its mission is to provide professional services that build, reinforce, and sustain skills to enhance the lives of youth and families. As mandated by the 1995 Juvenile Corrections Act, we practice the Balanced Approach to juvenile services. The Balanced Approach requires that court staff give equal consideration to methods for holding a juvenile accountable, assessing and implementing ways to ensure protection of the community, and assisting a young person to develop pro-social skills. Prevailing over this methodology is the Victim’s Rights Amendment to the Idaho Constitution, which requires the court to provide equal or greater services to victims’ needs for restorative justice than to offenders’ court-ordered services for accountability and rehabilitation."Interns provide tutoring to the students and assist in the classroom." This is the short description from the website about the internship I applied for ( I am still receiving more information about it currently. The students who are at Victory Academy are considered "at-risk" youths who need help with their schooling. I have the opportunity to be a tutor and also work around the class room helping the teacher. A couple learning objectives would be learning how to teach these "at-risk" youths their subjects in school and learning how to help them succeed in life in general.
4th District CourtCivil courtInternship Duties: 1. Answer telephone and give general non-advisory information in response to public or official queries
2. Answer queries regarding the court’s functions and processes
3. Greet and direct guests and visitors to appropriate offices, locations or staff members
4. Orient clients of civil court to the mediation process
5. Assist in the filing and cross-indexing of documents and correspondence alphabetically, numerically, topically or by other classification
6. Search and locate file material and data
7. Assemble a variety of data from office records for incorporation into various reports and studies
8. Performs messenger services to and from the small claims judge, supervisors and clerks for signatures and files documents etc. with the clerks of the court.
9. Assist the program coordinator in the development of policy and procedures for mediation programs
10. Perform case development assignments
11. Perform case follow up procedures, including data collection and entry
12. Assist in the development of educational strategies and programs for mediators and public entities to promote ongoing public relations.
13. All volunteers and interns are required to submit monthly time logs of their dedicated hours.
14. Research and data collection for new projects associated the collaborative efforts of Idaho Legal Aid and Boise city/Ada County Homeless prevention projects Objectives or Activities:
4th District CourtFamily Court ServicesInternship Duties: I will be in charge of implementing all mediation sessions ordered by the court. I will contact the mediator, attorneys and parties involved to ensure mediation is being completed. I also was given a project that entails developing a Focus on Children class that is for children whose parents are going through a divorce. I will be sitting in on domestic violence court cases wed and Friday mornings and am responsible for updating all case data.
4th Judicial District CASA Program4th Judicial District CASA Program advocates for children in court settings.Internship Duties: Assist and Advocate for children in court settings. Communicate with families, social workers, lawyers and judges; and speak on behalf of child(ren). Objectives or Activities:
A&R Case ManagementA&R Case Management is a company founded by Joanne Anderson and Lori Rainboth to provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities, including nursing, social work, psychology and education.I will be coordinating community activities for developmentally disabled adults and children, assist with staff training and skill development and help with policy development.
A.L.P.H.A (Allied Links for the Prevention of HIV and AIDS*Alpha is a non-profit organization that offers free HIV testing and counseling. They also offer support and group therapy for people with HIV as well as table events/testing sights throughout the year. They are a multi-level organization that is still growing, but when needed can provide outreach education to the community and schools.Internship Duties: Marketing General Manager - Immediate assistant to Marketing Director, oversee execution of marketing strategies, organize and delegate marketing responsibilities, oversee all supervisors and Service Learning students, establish and maintain detailed, as well as functional, policy and procedure for marketing department, promote the branding process of ALPHA. Objectives or Activities:
AARP*AARP is a non-profit organization that advocates and lobbies for individuals 50 years old and over. The goal is to increase the quality of life during the aging process. Many benefits and services are directed towards the members. Some are prescription and Medicare supplement health insurance, life, auto, and home insurances. Some focal points include hunger, safety, security, and isolation. Empowerment seems to be a focus, but AARP is far more than just these few topics listed.My internship duties will include participating in two out of three projects. The first project consists of the development of an Alzheimer’s 2-1-1 outreach strategy to consist of; developing communications materials, managing physician outreach plans, developing content for social media, and developing content for the caregiver website. The second project is participating in the Affordable Care Act Outreach and Education (ACA) program, this will include developing and giving community presentations on the ACA, training volunteers, and developing content for social media. Finally, the last project will be to be involved with the Community Presence Life Long Learning, which includes developing outreach materials and creating a list of community leaders to reach out to and include in this process. As well, I will participate and support the administration at the local AARP office for any needs that may arise. My objectives are to become knowledgeable about what services are provided from AARP and what core values are represented within the corporation. If possible, I am hoping to work with clients in the community and learn what their growing needs are as they have aged and what they feel would be most beneficial to them.
Access Living*Access Living provides clinical services, developmental therapy, and psychosocial rehabilitation. All services are covered by medicaid and the organization serves both children and adults.Internship Duties: Transport children from home or school to Access Living center. Provide one on one therapy to help develop life skills such as motor skills, personal hygiene, and address wherever else a developmental delay may be present. Objectives or Activities:
ACLU of IdahoNon-profit Organization that works to protect Civil Liberties through litigation, lobbying, & public Education.Internship Duties: Participate in voter education efforts with Let People Vote campaign. Staff outreach booth at various community events. Engagement efforts will also include emails and phone calls. Research information and statistics for the death penalty and indigent defense campaigns. Objectives or Activities:Objectives and activities are: Voter engagement and public education. Membership involvement and growth. Pubic policy and legal research. I will also attend all community festival events on the weekends as they will supply you with a substantial amount of hours. You will also be expected to conduct research outside of the office that will count towards your hours.
Ada County Juvenile Detention CenterRehabilitating youth to become part of society again."outside" Volunteer Opportunities
Ada County Mediation ServicesWeb link includes email contacts for 59 child custody mediators appointed by Supreme CourtInternship Duties: see attached document Objectives or Activities:complete dispute resolution certification, and gain skills to become an effective programs administrator
Ada County Sheriff's Officestudent internships available nowInternships available:marine patrol internship, misdemeanor probation internship, inmate learning center-ada county jail, pretrial/electronic monitoring internship
Advocates Against Family ViolenceDomestic Violence Shelter and Advocacy for Battered Women. AAFV works to eliminate violence in families and homes by empowering men, women, and children to make positive life choices through advocacy, support, education, awareness, affordable housing and community involvement.Internship Duties: I will be helping with the court advocate program as well as making the rounds through the other programs that they offer. Objectives or Activities:
Agency for New AmericansNon-Profit Refugee Resettlement AgencyInternship Duties: Case Management-help refugees find employment; Tutor English; Fund-raising; Administrative office work Objectives or Activities:
Align HospiceThis is an organization that works with people who are in their last leg of life. The hospice provides a sense of comfort and companionship for the patients as they are living out the rest of their lives.Internship Duties: I will be meeting with patients multiple times a week as well as working a bereavement group once a week. I will be working on setting up a new group at a local assisted living home dealing with bereavement as well. Objectives or Activities:
All Seasons Mental HealthAll seasons provides services to individuals who have disabilities, some of these services include developmental therapy, PSR, counseling etc.Filing, maintaining files, Scheduling, Activity planning, Faxing, Auditing, Quailty assurance
Alta ServicesSubstance abuse counseling and treatment.Internship Duties: He will participate and the facilitate groups. Provide intakes and assessments. Develop treatment plans. He will answer phones, set appointments. Develop curriculum. He will also do some marketing and networking. General Office duties as needed Objectives or Activities:Developing knowledge and practical skills in the 12 Core functions for addictions counseling.
Ashwood Recovery LLCSustance Abuse Treatment Prevention and AwarenessInternship Duties: Researching community need for awareness and education in relationship to new drugs Spice and Bath Salts. Compiling data and information into Presentations for use in Community education. Objectives or Activities:
BabySteps at St. Michaels CathedralBabySteps is an outreach program of St. Michael’s Cathedral whose mission is to welcome limited income pregnant and parenting women and their families into a program of education and support as a primary prevention strategy to improve birth outcomes, improve the health of women and children, strengthen families and optimize every child’s developmental potential.Assist with the planning and event, Community Baby Shower, benefitting BabySteps and three other parent education programs, held in July 2013.
Basque Museum & Cultural CenterThe Basque Museum & Cultural Center gives a inside look into the culture and history of Basques, focusing specifically on Basque communities in Idaho and the greater United States through the use of exhibits, collections and tours. It hosts educational and entertainment events to provide an immersion in Basque experience within the U.S. Indeed, it is an active center for maintaining Basque culture in the U.S.Internship Duties: To catalog, digitalize and preserve collections. To assist in the design of museum exhibits. Objectives or Activities:
Big Brothers Big SistersBig Brothers Big Sisters is a social organization that sets children up with older volunteer mentors. The goal is to give children who may not have a mentoring adult in their lives an older individual to look up to.Internship Duties: I will basically be trained in all aspects of the program department of BBBS. I will be shadowing employees for my first several weeks, and then I will be doing some more independent work once I get an idea of how everything works. I will learn how to interview potential mentors, set them up with a little brother or sister, and conduct follow-up interviews to make sure the match is working out well. I will also learn how to recruit mentors and set up presentations for possible recruits. I will mostly be working in the program department, but I may also spend some time in the fundraising department and learn about the fundraising events BBBS hosts and how to set those up. Objectives or Activities:My objective is to gain an idea of what working for a social organization would be like. I'm not positive which direction I want to take when I graduate this spring, so I'm hoping this internship will give me insight into different career opportunities within a social organization.
Bill Baker & Associated*Bill Baker & Associates is a private mental health office providing services for mentally ill individuals with depression. anxiety, trauma and related stress disorders.Internship Duties: Mr. Dixon will be working directly with clients to provide structured support for individuals within a community setting. Objectives or Activities:
Bishop Kelly High SchoolBishop Kelly is a private High School for students grades 9-12Internship Duties: I will be directly assisting classroom teachers, assisting with administrative duties, and working with all departments on an as needed basis to gain knowledge of all the departments and ongoing of the High School environment. Specifically, I will be assisting Mr. Derig with his classroom and students. I will also be assisting other faculty, under his direction, in the school when needed. Objectives or Activities:
Bogus Basin Ski Racing AllianceThe Bogus Basin Ski Racing Alliance is a program for people of all ages who want to compete in alpine ski racing and freeride skiing.As an organization dedicated to providing top-level coaching to athletes, participants are primarily high-school age and younger. We have adult groups as well. These participants compete as members of the Bogus Basin Ski Team. The primary function of the BBSRA is to promote good citizenship, with the emphasis on training in athletics and physical fitness.Internship Duties: Help the program find sufficient sponsors to donate money to the organization in order to provide the athletes with the best training equipment, coaches, and overall support. Duties include, preparing a brochure to send to potential sponsors that also includes a booklet about the teams, writing up newsletters about the teams every month to send to sponsors as well as team members, help organize fundraisers, and potentially start a new fundraiser. Objectives or Activities:
Boise County Community JusticeThe Boise County Community Justice Department works with anything that deals with youth in the communities of Idaho City, Horseshoe Bend, and Garden Valley. Probation, Diversion, and Prevention are all worked through with the schools, businesses, and community at large.1. The ability to describe an overview of the Juvenile Justice System in Idaho
2. Be able to facilitate and discuss Small Group Process and Dynamics
3. Be able to demonstrate an understanding of Assessment tools
4. Be able to complete one Affidavit and one Social History
5. Be able to utilize tactics and interviewing skills in working with at least two juvenile probation clients.
Boise Good Samaritan SocietyThe Boise Good Samaritan Society is an assisted living community and the nation’s largest not-for-profit provider of senior care and services.Internship Duties: Internship duties include, but not limited to: general help around the community and with residence and employees, cleaning, attending and helping put on daily functions for residence, being a conversation partner with the residence and running errands. Objectives or Activities:
Boise Parks & RecreationCity of Boise- Boise Parks and Recreation DepartmentInternship Duties: Assisting Boise Parks and Recreation staff in a outdoor summer recreation program. Assist in daily activities and safety needs to school age participants ages 6- 12 years. Being a positive role model and redirecting children's behavior when needed. Objectives or Activities:
Boise Police Department Volunteer Services*Boise Police Department Volunteer ServicesInternship Duties: I will be enrolled in a Citizens Police Academy where I will learn the different duties of a police officer, as well as join an officer for ride alongs. Objectives or Activities:
Boise Rock SchoolThe Boise Rock school is offers music classes and instrument instruction to kids. The school also organizes concerts and functions geared at enhancing the performing abilities of its students.Internship Duties: Help to set up and eventually take of full instruction of a class specifically set up for refugee children with minimal language and music skills. Objectives or Activities:
Boise State University International Programs OfficeTaking care of international students and international education for the BSU studentsInternship Duties: Assist in the IPO activities. Objectives or Activities:
Boise State University Women's CenterAssisting women students in the Boise State University community in achieving their academic goals.Internship Duties: Assist a returning woman student to achieve her academic goals by supporting her as a mentor. Objectives or Activities:
Boise Urban Garden SchoolThe Boise Urban Garden School helps children make meaningful connections between global environmental issues and real choices they make every day about the food they eat—choices that affect their health, the environment, the local economy, and both personal and social responsibility.Through hands-on, inquiry-based learning that encourages participants to ask questions, gather information, and investigate possibilities, BUGS guides students to reflect on the question, “Where does our food come from, and why does it matter?”Outline of duties in progress
Booth Campus/Salvation ArmySocial Science internship with school Social Worker working with teen mothers and pregnant teens.Internship Duties: Conduct intake assessment with new students and/or family. Assist clients in accessing assistance for financial services. Crisis management. Conduct and update case and pregnancy plans as needed. Assist Social Workers in assessing and serving walk-in clients. Help run the Booth Boutique. Objectives or Activities:Gain experience working with High School students on current and future educational goals.
Boys and Girls Club of Ada countyThe Boys and Girls clubs of Ada county focus on giving the kids in our community a place to grow and learn to become productive citizens of our community. They are an organization that is open to all children ages 6-18 to spend time in a safe and positive place when they are not in school.I will be learning the behind the scenes responsibilities for a well establish non-profit. I will learn how to help keep donors in touch with the charity, how to file important donor and charity information, computer programs that keep the charity organized and successful, I will also have small projects assigned to me to that will allow me to interact with the kids that are members of the club. My learning objectives are to learn how to be a successful employee of a non-profit working locally with people in our community, which will help give me the experience that I need and want to find a job in the non-profit sector when I graduate.
BSU Mobile Home Task ForceMultidisciplinary group of researchers exploring mobile home population in City of Boise.Internship Duties: Assist in data collection and analysis for mobile home park research project. Will specifically assist with focus groups, windshield surveys, analysis of mail surveys, also provide language assistance as needed. Objectives or Activities:
C.A.T.C.H. Inc. (Charitable Assistance To Communities Homeless)-501C3CATCH (Charitable Assistance to Community’s Homeless)
is a program designed to address and reduce the number of homeless families in the Treasure Valley. It is funded largely through donations from the faith-based and business communities, with government covering administrative costs. In this way, it is a unique public/private partnership. It puts families into housing for 6 months, rent free, allowing them to save resources for rent or to purchase their own home.
The CATCH model is based on the idea that the sum of community parts can do more than individual pieces. For example; government agencies and business provide the financial support for program administration; and
business & faith-based organizations provide money and resources for the housing and basics like furniture and cookware.
It follows the Housing First model of sheltering people by creating permanent housing instead of
focusing on temporary solutions: if people have a home, they are more likely to succeed with support
services like job training, welfare benefits and so on. Intensive case management is undergone over the 6 months of rent-free housing.
Internship Duties: As an intern I will have 2 primary tasks;
first, finding and developing faith-based partners for the program. This will include cold-calls, strategy meetings and vision casting for opportunities of partnership with these faith-based entities. The second expressed duty will be to develop online resources for the partners to submit financial support and encourage potential partners to discover opportunities and information about the program. The informal duties include meeting with client families to help develop resumes for employment and assisting in the move-in process of the families.
I attached a write-up from the CATCH of Canyon County, a partner of the Boise office for more information. Objectives or Activities:My objective is to help a worthy organization develop more partners in order to better serve the homeless population in Boise.
CASI Foundation for Children, IncCASI is a private, non-profit, non-denominational agency that provides adoption services, humanitarian programs for the orphans of China and Haiti and free birth parent services.
Catholic Charities of IdahoSocial Services/non-profitInternship Duties: Assist families and individuals with direct services including: screening, information and referral, child literacy/development activities and adult educational offerings. Indirect services include preparing displays/marketing materials and presentations, preparing documentation, and participation in Continuous Quality Improvement and evaluation process. Objectives or Activities:
Centennial Job CorpsCentennial Job Corps is part of the Bureau of Reclamation and its purpose is to educate and train financially troubled youths between the ages of 16-24. The job site helps the students to obtain a GED or high school diploma if they don't already have one, and they also teach the students various vocational trades such as painting, welding, culinary arts, or accounting.Internship Duties: I will work in the Recreation hall at Centennial Job Corps helping in organizing and implementing various sports or leisure activities for the students. It is also my responsibility to monitor any good or bad behaviors of the students and report it to my supervisor if necessary. Interaction with the students will be an essential part of my job in order to establish a positive communicative environment. Objectives or Activities:
Center for Community and JusticeNon-profit community supportInternship Duties: 1. To become familiar with the community based organizations that currently serves latinos.2. To assist in developing a communication mechanism for CCJ and its partners including but not limited to collegiate students, parents, professionals, and community members.

3. To assist in exploring the possibility of a community radio program targeting Latinos 18-35 year old that are bilingual.

4. To learn about more regarding subjects as immigration, education and fairness and legislative issues pertinent to Latinos. Objectives or Activities:
Center for the Greater GoodCenter for the Greater Good is a non-profit organization with the mission to move 10% of investments from Wall Street and into the community to help eliminate poverty. The organization works with a variety of investors, government agencies, and top U.S. developers to build communities that enable individuals across all income levels to succeed and break the cycle of poverty.Internship Duties: The primary duties of this position revolve around data management which include building and maintaining a database using Salesforce software, researching potential investors, analyzing contact statistics, and creating/evaluating email campaigns. Other duties include developing/editing marketing materials, reviewing financial documents, proofreading sales pitches, and assisting the Business Development team to research and contact potential clients. Objectives or Activities:
CenterPointe, Inc.A service provider for children's behavioral and mental health and developmental disabilities.Internship Duties: Provide developmental therapy to children with developmental disabilities by teaching basic independent living skills within the home and community and monitor daily progress. Objectives or Activities:
Children's Therapy PlaceChildren's Therapy Place is a DDA service which provides Developmental Therapy, IBI, Service Coordination as well as speech, physical and occupational therapy.Internship Duties: I will be working with the Developmental Specialists in the Developmental Therapy program. I will help them as they start making the changes for the policy changes that Health and Welfare has set up. I will also be learning how to write plans for DT as well as how their data is collected and inputted. I will also be learning how to work with staff. Objectives or Activities:
City of Lights*Guest services: checking women and children into beds evenings and making sure they have everything they need for the night.Internship Duties: Guest services: checking women and children into beds evenings and making sure they have everything they need for the night. Objectives or Activities:
College of Western IdahoA new Community College,offering education for 2 yrs degrees, vocational certificates and degrees, personal enrichment courses and a center for workforce training.Internship Duties: Attend meetings of various types as you deem appropriate. Hopefully, including meetings at all levels of the new institution, BSU and CSI. Interaction with Faculty, staff and possibly students via interviews and observation with regards to communication flow. Possibly initiate some communication activities, such as team building, personality profiles, etc. in various areas of the institution to help with organizational communication. Help initiate monthly communication flows from IT and Human resources. Finally work with administration to improve organizational communication with its employees and sister institutions. Objectives or Activities:
Community Connections, Inc.Developmental disabilities agencyInternship Duties: Planning and preparation of center and community based group activities in relation to the company's Summer Program for children with developmental disabilities, staff support to Developmental Therapists, utilization of Nampa's community resources to improve the quality of the program, oversight of financial resources available to the summer program, completion of appropriate Medicaid/Developmental Disabilities Agency's paperwork requirements as it relates to the company's Summer Program, family/parent contact when necessary. Objectives or Activities:
Community Empowerment Network (CEN)The Community Empowerment Network (CEN) is a US-based non-profit organization which empowers rural communities and individuals in developing countries to harness information and information technology to become more self-reliant and break out of poverty.Internship Duties: During this semester, I will be helping with marketing strategies, fundraising efforts, project development, and other miscellaneous tasks. Included in that will be translating some Portuguese documents, and building the volunteer network throughout the Treasure Valley and beyond. Objectives or Activities:Annual CEN Fundraiser (September)
Community Partnership of IdahoProviding Developmental Therapy and Service Coordination for individuals who have disabilities.Internship Duties: Assisting with quality assurance checks on participant/family files, interview family to assess satisfaction with services received, observe service coordination process and meet families that are receiving or looking into receiving the service, and complete other duties that are needed to assess service coordination. Objectives or Activities:
Cross Cultural SolutionsCross Cultural Solutions: Internship AbroadInternship Duties: Pre-Departure
Create Learning Objectives
As an Intern, your goals and objectives will be the framework for what you will be working to accomplish throughout your Intern Abroad program. You should create two to four Learning Objectives before your departure and record them in your myCCS Intern Profile. While creating them, you should ensure they address the following areas: Personal Growth, Cultural Growth, and Academic Growth.
We encourage you to speak to your Program Manager about your goals and objectives so that you can evaluate them together before your arrival in country.
Department of Health and WelfareProtecting and improving the Health and Welfare of all Idaho citizens.Internship Duties: Support for the Idaho Home Choice Money Follows the Person Grant Demonstration Program. The program is designed to rebalance long term care spending by helping those in institutions transition to the community through home and community based services. We have a goal of transitioning 325 people over the course of five years. The grant is funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Naza will support the grant activities during development of the program. This will include development of forms, processes and procedures, research, and other support activities designated by the project manager. Objectives or Activities:
Department of the Interior-Bureau of Reclamation*A federal government position, the Bureau of Reclamation is the "manager" of most of the major dams in the Pacific Northwest. This is a position in the Human Resources department.Internship Duties: I am in a student position in the Human Resources department of the Bureau of Reclamation. I will be one of the people responsible for travel arrangements, helping with the training department, and anything else the different specialists, managers, and co-workers give me to do. Objectives or Activities:
Deseret Industries*Deseret Industries is a thrift store where purchases support a job training and placement program to help those in need. Deseret Industries offers a variety of training opportunities to help individuals gain the skills to succeed in today’s job market.I will be working with individuals affected by physical and mental disabilities. Some of my responsibilities will be to teach life skills, mentor individuals, help individuals learn work skills and assist with job placement.
District 3 Probation and ParoleManaging offenders on Probation and ParoleInternship Duties: The purpose of this position is for the student to learn the duties and responsibilities involved in working as a Probation/Parole Officer (PPO), Drug Court Officer, Sex Offender Officer, Presentence Investigator (PSI) and Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Specialist (DARS). The student will be assigned to a mentor Sr. PPO who will orient and train them on basic duties and responsibilities of the job. The student will also train with the Drug Court Officer, the Sex Offender Officer, the PSI and the DARS and learn the basic duties and unique responsibilities of their jobs. Objectives or Activities:
Dress for SuccessInterview clothes for low income womenInternship Duties: Helping low income women find clothes for interviews and helping organize the annual fund-raiser. Objectives or Activities:
El-Ada Community Action Partnership*El-Ada is a non profit community action agency whose main goal is to combat poverty in the Boise Area. They provide many different forms of assistance as well as awareness programs to help better the community.Internship Duties: As described by Dalynn, I would be involved in awareness groups for things such as HIV prevention and extreme poverty. Also, because the agency deals with an increasing number of Spanish speaking cases, my bilingual skills would be at work. Objectives or Activities:
Emmett High SchoolEmmett High School Special Education English DepartmentInternship Duties: Creating fusionweb design for sped language arts curriculum based notes. Objectives or Activities:
English Language CenterThe English Language Center provides volunteer services to refugees in and around Boise, Idaho. They provide English lessons daily using computer labs and lecturesInternship Duties: Help teachers in classrooms and help tutor refugees. Light office work. Objectives or Activities:
Faces of Hope How to Apply: Please send your resume and cover letter to Job Title: Victim Advocate Intern; Fall, Summer, and Spring : Faces interns work collaboratively with staff on several projects including, but not limited to greeting victims, data entry, front desk work, follow up contact with victims, and answering phones. Interns will learn how to intake a client, perform safety planning sessions, and assist with civil protection order paperwork. Interns will be asked to plan an interdisciplinary learning experience for our partners in the form of a lunch and learn on a topic of their choosing.
Skills Required: Empathetic, trauma-informed, non-judgmental, basic computer skills, friendly, upbeat personality, basic understanding of victimization.
Training Required: All training will be given within the interns scheduled hours with the exception of one joint volunteer-intern meeting.
Federal Law Enforcement Training CenterThe Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) trains 90 federal agencies. They provide training in behavior sciences, firearms, counter terrorism, investigative operations and more. Their consolidation of federal law enforcement training allows efficiency and cost-effectiveness. FLETC's parent agency is the Department of Homeland Security and encourage cooperative efforts with the variety of agencies that flow through FLETC.Internship Duties: "The FLETC College Intern program provides a unique opportunity for college students majoring in Criminal Justice, Criminology, or a related field of study from across the country, to participate in a Federal Law Enforcement training environment. Each year, three intern sessions lasting twelve (12) weeks, are conducted at the FLETC, exposing selected interns to world-class training, broadening their horizons and helping to develop a foundation for a career in federal law enforcement.
Interns, after being selected to participate in the highly selective program, are assigned to a mentor from one of the FLETC’s training divisions or partner organizations. During their stay at FLETC, college interns spend approximately fifty-percent of their time completing worthwhile work to advance the mission of FLETC and the remaining fifty-percent, attending basic and advanced training courses. The FLETC College Intern Program stresses flexibility and creativity by encouraging interns to experience everything FLETC has to offer to further their education and career goals, while making professional contacts."- Statements from the FLETC college intern webpage. Objectives or Activities:
Fellowships DDAFellowships DDA is a developmental disability agency that provides developmental therapy and habilitative supports to children and adults with developmental disabilities.Internship Duties: Keegan already works for us as a developmental therapist. His duties would focus on aspects that he does outside of his current position. I would have him focus on creating monthly training and monthly age appropriate group actives for the clients that we work with. I would also have Keegan assist with Medicaid billing and Idapa regulation that DDAs must follow. I would also have Keegan review our policy and procedures. I would also assign reading for Keegan to expand his understanding of how disabilities affect our client's lives. I would also assign conflict resolution and management readings that guide our business decisions and policies.
I would also have Keegan assist with the transition with the children’s redesign to services that take place this year. This would include reviewing policies, Idapa regulation, and examining how these changes affect developmental therapist and the clients we work with.
Fiberpipe Inc.Providing media coverage and online access regarding organizations and activities to the public.Internship Duties: Assisting in film production, editing and client communication regarding media coverage. Objectives or Activities:To gain a better understanding of the media's role in the publication of local non-profit's interaction with the community.
Game Time InternationalNon-profit working with all youth to develop leadership and life skills primarily through athletics, but using other methods as well. Game Time is also involved in constructing a community center in Caldwell, creating a transitional home for youth with substance abuse problems or exiting from juvenile corrections, and a reentry program for adults exiting corrections facilities.Internship Duties: I will work as the assistant to the CEO of Game Time on several of their active projects. As his assistant I will be responsible for taking lead on project assignments, conducting and attending meetings, creating proposals and/or grant documents, and many others. I will be allowed to attend meetings, participate in the deal making process and learn hands on how to complete different types of projects in the non-profit field. Objectives or Activities:
Genesis World MissionProvides health services for low-income Garden City residents who are at or below the 200% poverty level.Internship Duties: Includes:Case work with supervising nurse or social worker,
Administrative duties (e.g. answering telephones, patient intake, filing, etc.),
Data collection/Research,
Marketing for organization Objectives or Activities:
Girls on the RunA life-changing, non-competitive, non-profit prevention program for girls in the 3rd through 8th grade. Goal is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.Helping program director research, write grants, write press releases, help with fundraising for events (5k), offer support to the program and individual sites.
Hands of Hope*Business overview and history- The vision began in 1992 when a local health care worker became frustrated with the disposal of useable, often new, medical supplies and equipment. The idea of Hands of Hope was born through her persistence in inquiring whether she could obtain some of those usable materials being sent to the trash and send them overseas to third world countries. Through her local church she was able to arrange for the shipment of boxes to medical missionaries in Swaziland and Papua New Guine. By 1996 the small group of volunteers realized a more formal organization was necessary to carry on the vision. In that year Hands of Hope Northwest was incorporated as a 501c3 not-for-profit charitable and humanitarian organization in the state of Idaho. Since 1996 Hands of Hope Northwest has shipped 59 containers of medical supplies worth over 29 million dollars to twenty-seven countries. We have also provided supplies for many medical professionals who were going on mission trips. The local loan ministry began in 2003 when we realized that there are many people in our community who cannot afford to rent or buy medical equipment needed for home care. Fewer than fifty items were loaned in 2003. This number grew to 253 items in 2006 and 828 items in 2010!We have also donated medical equipment to churches, civic organizations, schools, shelters, and other groups needing the use of equipment for extended periods. The value of these items over the past five years is over $220,000.Internship Duties: I will be working alongside a wide variety of individuals towards the common goal of providing the underprivileged with medical supplies, medical aid, and anything else available. I will be responsible for numerous warehouse activities as well office duties and technical support. I will also be helping a large population from the surrounding area get what they need from the donations and available inventory. Objectives or Activities:
HDR Inc.*An Architectural, Engineering and Consulting firm with nearly 8,000 professionals working in more than 185 locations worldwide. With professionals representing hundreds of disciplines, HDR provides a wide spectrum of services to offer their clients.Internship Duties: -Develop skills necessary to become a city planner
-Learn about community development processes
-Acquire knowledge of societal impacts on processes
-Build professional work experience/relationships Objectives or Activities:
Healthy Place CounselingHealthy Place Counseling is a center for Psycho-Social Rehabilitation. HPC assists children and adults with behavioral issues at home and in the community.Internship Duties: As an intern, I will be assisting the office director with all of her duties, attending weekly staff meetings, discussing clients and their diagnosis and assisting with other general office duties. Objectives or Activities:
Home ForwardServe Public Housing FamiliesInternship Duties: Will be assigned to summer lunch program which will serve lunch to needy families as well as put together program activities for the kids; will have the opportunity to help create and implement events such as National Night Out; will provide supervision on field trips Objectives or Activities:
Hope's Door, Advocates Against Family ViolenceProvide advocacy, shelter, and court watch services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.Internship Duties: Provide advocacy and court watch services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, shelter and crisis line assistance. Objectives or Activities:
Horizon ElementaryMs.Shrauger is a kindergarten teacher at Horizon Elementary who works in a Special Education classroom that has visually impaired students.Assisting teacher of special need students specifically visual impairments in classroom environment.
Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic ViolenceThe Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence works to be a leader in the movement to end violence against women and girls, men and boys – across the life span before violence has occurred – because violence is preventable. Their organization's work is to provide healthy relationships and to build the capacity of programs, organizations, and systems through learning communities to provide safe, compassionate, trauma informed, inclusive and accessible services to adolescents and adults and their children exposed to violence and to increase offender accountability.As an intern I will be helping employees work on various projects going on from organizing the information to hands on work the projects itself by going with employees to meetings if necessary. I will be learning the different aspects of this organization that makes it work together as a whole, from the compilation of news articles to be in the newsletters that is distributed every other week to the big workship coming up in October.
IDAHO COMMISSION ON THE ARTSAt the Idaho Commission on the Arts, a professional staff provides resources, information, and technical assistance to artists and to arts and cultural organizations in every corner of our state. In addition, the Commission administers grants, fellowships, and residencies for Idaho artists, schools, traditional artists, and arts organizations; mails a statewide arts newsletter; and maintains an informative Web site.Internship Duties: Complete projects as directed, including organizing a resource book for local artists and generating a monthly email newsletter covering current and upcoming events at the Idaho Commission on the Arts. Objectives or Activities:
Idaho Community Action NetworkICAN's Mission Statement:
The fundamental mission of ICAN is to provide a voice for Idahoans committed to progressive social change and to develop the power necessary to create those changes.
Internship Duties: I am going to help organize and lobby for progressive change in areas such as immigration and healthcare. We are planning to work on immigration rights in relationship to waiving out of state fees at Boise State University for undocumented students, extending the months Idaho Power can't turn off electricity during the winter months for the elderly, and people with children, as well as "grassroots fund raising" so that we can service more families after tragedies, such as raids that happen to illegal immigrants in Idaho. Objectives or Activities:Some Activities We have Planned are the Following:
Raising money through the sale of wreaths.
Lobbying for racial justice and healthcare.
Idaho Department of CorrectionDivision of community corrections; probation and paroleExperience with probation and parole in the form of observing one-on-one contact with offenders during office visits, various classes and or treatments, home visits, arrests and court appearances, as well as with any assessment processes.
Idaho Division of Vocational RehabilitationThe counselors assist people with physical or mental disabilities to train and obtain jobs.Internship Duties: Counselor Assistance. Establish relationships with clients, and schedule and coordinate services for them. Review Vocational Rehabilitation’s mission and function with potential clients, and discuss eligibility requirements. Review relevant medical, educational, and vocational information used in determining eligibility for services. Conduct interviews with applicants for services to assist in determining eligibility. Attend and participate in team meetings with the counselor, and assist with caseload management activities. Contact employers to inquire and follow up on job openings and placements for clients, and monitor client progress in job placements and throughout the rehabilitation process. Objectives or Activities:
Idaho FoodBankIdaho Foodbank provides food for needy.Internship Duties: Personal assistant to the Volunteer Coordinator. Objectives or Activities:Help with office work, warehouse work, community action.
Idaho Health Care for AllIdaho Health Care for All is a local chapter of the PNHP, Physicians for a National Health Program. IHCFA is a non-profit organization working to educate Idahoans on single payer. IHCFA sponsors forums, performs presentations for interested parties, meets with Idaho politicians to discuss single payer, and stages local actions such as rallies and protests.Internship Duties: Organize local actions (rallies, protests, etc.), administrative/clerical work, community outreach, petition circulation, etc. Objectives or Activities:
Idaho House of Representatives Democratic Caucusdevelopment of good public policy for citizens of IdahoInternship Duties: legislator scheduling
legislator material preparation in anticipation of bill presentation
research for legislators
and other duties as needed Objectives or Activities:
Idaho Humane SocietyAdoption center, shelter, veterinary clinic, animal control and educational/training facility.Dog/cat adoptions at PetSmart in Boise; Walking the dogs in the store (parading them for adoption), introducing cat/dogs to potential new family. Playing with animals in selected play areas to socialize and exercise them. Mobile Adoptions; copying paperwork, wrangling dogs, setting up.
Dog handling; proper procedures to handle dogs of varying sizes and breeds, read behavior kennel cards, walk dogs, play with them in gated yard.
Cattery; Holding, Incoming and Foster Holding areas (clean kennels, littler boxes, new blankets, fresh newspaper, fresh food/water) clean cattery windows, kennels, dishes, laundry (wash, dry, fold, restock all supplies in cattery rooms). Reading kennel cards before hold, pet and play with cats. Playing and petting help socialize the animals and give them continued positive interaction to build and keep them social and adoptable. Some front desk filing, cleaning windows, take out trash, restock supplies in each cat room.
Learning about different behaviors and situations that cause ppl to surrender their pets voluntarily or as true strays. As well as learning/observing the behaviors and decisions that are made about certain breeds/types of animals (discrimination/reservations) before they even meet a animal.
Help new owners find the best fit for their family in a dog or cat (adoptions) through their reasons for looking/wanting an animal and what characteristics/behaviors they are looking for, as well as the every day behavior/life style of the people wanting to adopt an animal.
Idaho Legal Aid ServicesIdaho Legal Aid Services provides legal advice and representation at no cost to low income people state wide. The firm is involved in community issues and has represented the interests of the poorer segments of the community.Internship Duties: I will assist in a research project that focuses on gender inequality within the legal profession in the State of Idaho. I will be given the opportunity to become acquainted with legal research methods under the guidance of legal interns working at the firm. I will be assisting with the initial intake process of potential clients to help determine eligibility for services and/or provide referrals to social service agencies. Objectives or Activities:
Idaho Nephrology AssociatesPhysicians OfficeInternship Duties: Ann will have the ability to work within several counseling opportunities at Idaho Nephrology. As a site that does studies and research, she will have the opportunity to observe and counsel patients as it relates to informed consent required by the Nuremberg Code. Her observational data will include patient compliance, treatment, outcome and regimen adjustment. This series of events can be extrapolated into almost any setting. She will also have the ability to counsel and observe in the Idaho State Penitentiary setting where Idaho Nephrology provides medical care to inmates for chronic and end-stage kidney disease. This is a challenging population, that though incarcerated, still have an element of control over medical and medication adherence, clinic visits scheduling, who their care provider is, etc. There are insights to be gained into how this counter-culture functions and the ease or difficulty in moving through it both physically and professionally. Objectives or Activities:
Idaho Nonprofit CenterIdaho statewide Nonprofit Organizations.Internship Duties: I will be working on contacting a various NGOs for the 2012 Idaho Statewide Nonprofit Conference Sept. 27-28. I will be organizing all the necessary events, itinerary, and paperwork for the conference. I will then attend the conference and help put it on. Objectives or Activities:
Idaho Office for RefugeesThe Idaho Office for Refugees serves as the statewide refugee coordinator for refugee related services in Idaho.Website design. English Tutoring. Organizing events. Organizing files. Office work.
Idaho State Historical Museum Collections Department*As part of the Idaho State Historical Society, The Idaho State Historical Museum (ISHM) seeks to inspire, enrich and engage all Idahoans by leading the state in preserving, sharing, and using history and cultural resources relevant to today to inform and influence the future; and is a state agency that is fully accredited by the American Association of Museums.Internship Duties: ISHM seeks upper-division undergraduate and graduate interns for the Museum Collections department. Interns will gain broad, hands-on experience in collections management and care, documentation and registration methods, and researching collection objects and materials. Interns will actively participate in collections preservation and maintenance, and if schedule allows, assist with an exhibit installation. Interns will complete a survey of at least one ISHS artifact collection and make a final presentation to appropriate staff. Objectives or Activities:
Idaho State PoliceLaw enforcement/criminal investigationsInternship Duties: Work along side criminal investigators conducting investigations of narcotics, violent, and white collar crimes. Will assist with gathering of evidence, documenting investigations, interviewing victims and witnesses, and observing court proceedings and collaboration with other public agencies. Objectives or Activities:
Idaho Water Users AssociationIWUA is a lobbyist group representing the affiliated water users in Idaho.Internship Duties: Attending legislative committee meetings for the IWUA; clerical work; bill research. Objectives or Activities:
Idaho Women's Business CenterM.E.T.A.Internship Duties: Duties are varied. Typical tasks might include designing flyers or other marketing materials under our direction; data entry/database management through Constant Contact; entering press release information into online media website calendar listings; maintaining an up-to-date press clippings binder; updating our website content (our website is currently under construction); scanning documents for client computer files; building client files; researching people/organizations for outreach; researching background information for our speeches and presentations; assembling outreach folders of information; and other such activities. If we had an intern with excellent communication and public relations skills, the intern might assist with press release writing, making phone calls on our behalf, and greeting clients to get them started on necessary enrollment paperwork Objectives or Activities:
Idaho Youth RanchProvides residential treatment, group homes, adoption, and other services for troubled, disturbed, delinquent, or abused children and adolescents.Internship Duties: Supervise and counsel at-risk youth in individual or group settings. Objectives or Activities:
International Rescue CommitteeMeeting the basic needs for food, shelter and legal rights in the early, critical stages of resettlement.Through a partnership with the Department of State, the IRC assists over 10,000 refugees to resettle in the U.S. every year. IRC staff and volunteers meet refugees at the airport and provide initial housing, furnishings, food, and clothing. Additional services include employment assistance, health and social service referrals, vocational training, English-language classes, and orientation to their new community. The IRC helps refugees to move towards self-sufficiency and integration in 22 U.S. cities.Internship Duties: Family Mentors are volunteers that meet with assigned refugee families to practice English, assist with unfamiliar activities such as accessing public transportation, and provide a helping hand to welcome them into the community. Objectives or Activities:
International Student VolunteersFor the past 25 years ISV has conducted international travel programs for tens of thousands of students on five continents. During this time, students from around the world have participated in ISV's educational, cultural and adventure programs, and experienced the ultimate in outdoor adventure travel. International Student Volunteers, Inc is a non-profit public benefit corporation and is organized under the Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable and educational purposes. This corporation is organized and operated exclusively for public benefit and charitable purposes within the meaning of Internal Revenue code section 501 (c)(3).Internship Duties: To create an environment that combines conservation, education, community development and recreation into the ultimate adventure travel program for participants who desire to make a difference by volunteering in communities abroad.
With ISV, volunteers make a difference to conservation and/or social community development initiatives internationally. ISV partners with local organizations in the host countries in order to provide each group of ISV participants with a rewarding hands-on project.
ISV works in collaboration with accrediting universities in various countries in order to offer students the opportunity to earn academic credit for their participation in the Volunteer Project component of the ISV program. Students are eligible to earn 12 credit points for their participation on the two-week volunteer program. Objectives or Activities:
J.R. Simplot CompanyServing for the public relations department of the J.R. Simplot Company.Internship Duties: Project assistant for a series of video editing processes along with producing company news letters. Objectives or Activities:
JAVAThis is an organization that are advocates for aged people at risk of a numerous types of risk.Internship Duties: This is a new program. I will be assisting the director first of all with a large fundraiser as this is a non-profit organization. We meet Monday August 29, 2011 to discuss full details as it is a new organization.
Jefferson Elementary SchoolPublic Elementary School in Boise, Idaho.Internship Duties: Assist teacher's in lessons, tutor students, prepare classroom activities and bulletin boards, gain knowledge from teacher on how to run an effective classroom, help grade papers, etc. Objectives or Activities:To gain knowledge on how to run an effective elementary school classroom and to understand how to cater to each individual student.
JM ConstructionCommercial and residential construction.provide social media marketing, design and implement satisfaction survey, modernize website
Kuna libraryKuna LibraryInternship Duties: Tina Andersen will spend approximately 11.5 hours per week learning responisbilities and duties of several divisions at Kuna Library. During her internship she will be given a special assignment to complete (i.e. start a Book Club) at the Library. Objectives or Activities:Learn operational duties and procedures of a Library. Plan and complete a library related activity.
Kuna School DistrictKuna School District provides education to approximately 5,000 students in Ada County.I will be working in the special education and Therapeutic Learning Center programs in the school district. I will be working with the district PSR providers in order to learn more about my chosen career.
Leadership 1st LLCL1 for America is a not for profit 501c3 company that engages community leaders and citizens in a variety of settings. We have been in existence since 2006. We develop curriculum, plan summits and events and provide individual and group trainings in order to impact and uplift communities in a positive way. We have hosted several events that have received prominent news coverage in local and regional outlets.
My name is Hakim Hazim and I am a co owner in the company and lead our intervention services. Our mission statement is “L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P.1ST Intervention Services are focused on enhancing the 4 Cs of leadership - character, competency, critical thinking and credibility - in the lives of at risk populations and the people who serve them.” See latest article>
Internship Duties: Carl will be engaged with me as an intern. His duties will vary. He will attend events, do research as assigned, be involved with social media, fund raising, mentoring at risk youth, and assisting me with trainings. In short Carl will learn what community stewardship and engagement is about from an intervention perspective.
If you have further questions please feel free to contact me. Objectives or Activities:
Learning Lab Inc.The Learning Lab is a computer-assisted learning center for adults and families with children ages 6 and under. Students receive basic skills instruction including mathematics, reading, writing, spelling, GED preparation and workplace skills in a comfortable, confidential environment. Children are enrolled in an Infant/Toddler or Preschool Program. Students are placed in a class according to their ability and need. All courses employ computerized, interactive learning systems. Students learn to touch-type and use a computer while improving their basic skills.I will be working with both adults and children with limited English proficiency. My main task(s) will be tutoring them culturally and academically, helping with literacy skills and important 21st century job skills (adults).
LIFE IncDevelopmental Disability AgencyInternship Duties: Direct therapy with developmentally disable adults and children, writing programs to teach functional life skills, advocating for clients, and providing ongoing client success monitoring and program adaptation. Objectives or Activities:
Life's KitchenMission: Life's Kitchen is dedicated to transforming the lives of at-risk young adults by building self sufficiency and independence through comprehensive food service and life skills training, and placement in the food service industry. Vision: To transform our community and provide a sense of belonging, enrichment and hope, and create a place where young adults, 16-20 years of age, will:
Develop skills to enhance their self worth and realize their full potential.
Access the educational resources, tools and opportunities necessary to thrive and live independently.
Receive job and life skills training in the food services industry to foster self sufficiency.What We Provide: Employability and independent living skills, an opportunity for continuing education, and a second chance to become productive, contributing members of society.
Internship Duties: instructors deliver the needed life skills that many take for granted, including financial literacy, debt reduction, personal health, conflict management and positive relationship building. Objectives or Activities:
linclinc is a non profit organization for people with disabilities to become independent. This organization advocates for the rights of these individuals and helps create a social support for independent livingInternship Duties: To help a new non profit called SATL that is also an organization committed to helping people with disabilities. Duties will include finding public introductions, and helping individuals with a disability use these organizations to become independent. Objectives or Activities:
MADDMADD is a non-profit agency. It helps support the victims of drunk drivers, educate the public on the dangers of drinking and driving and supports the laws preventing underage drinking.Internship Duties: contact volunteers for speaking engagements, participate in victims panels, help design new website, law enforcement appreciate event, organize possible MADD support group, contact media outlets to help promote organization Objectives or Activities:see above
Make-A-Wish Foundation of IdahoMake-A-Wish Foundation of IdahoInternship Duties: Work with the DM to develop a total fundraising goal for the year.
Work closely w/ the DM to develop a marketing plan for the KWK program. The marketing plan will outline specific fundraising and special events targeted at school aged children. Present and implement these ideas to surrounding area Idaho schools.
Develop promotional material, letters, press releases, and press kits to send to all targeted Idaho schools and media.
Contact and build relationships w/ local media
Empower students to help grant wishes to Children w/ life-threatening illnesses and foster the value of community service.
Represent Make-A-Wish foundation of Idaho in professional settings.
Contact and communicate w/ edu. admin. in a effort to get Kids for Wish Kids into their school.
Track each school's earnings and keep a detailed spreadsheet for documentation. Objectives or Activities:
Mercy In ActionMercy in Action is a non-profit ministry that focuses on the crisis in Maternal/Newborn/Child health care. We establish and fund birth centers in areas of poverty in the Philippines, and train midwives, medics and support personnel to provide compassionate health care throughout the developing world, thereby saving many lives and showing love and kindness in action. Research is conducted to reveal where improvements in Maternal and Infant health can be made. Education is an integral part of this organization's mission.Internship Duties: Researching the global problem of infant mortality and morbidity worldwide. Creating strategic methods for implementing programs that will effect change in these areas.Coordinating workshops, seminars, and public health education. Objectives or Activities:Coordinating workshops, seminars, and public health education. Researching the global problem of Maternal and Infant mortality and morbidity.
Meridian Police DepartmentThe Meridian Police Department serves a population of over 75,000 with 87 police officers and 28 civilian staff.To diligently shadow and participate in any tasks that the Police Department requires of me, that will help provide me with experience, knowledge, and an accurate picture of a future career in law enforcement.
Mountain View High SchoolWorking with athletics at mountain view high schoolInternship Duties: I will be helping in the athletic department as well as working with the football team in the weight room, exercise activities, as well as study hall Objectives or Activities: I want to coach football as a profession at the college level and I look forward to making the kids at mountain view better athletes and students
NAMI-BoiseNot for profit organization for the promotion of awareness of mental illness.Internship Duties: To be decided in January Objectives or Activities:
Nampa Family Justice Center*The Nampa Family Justice Center is aimed at helping child abuse and domestic violence victims in the valley to get help at one centralized location. Law Enforcement, counseling, advocates, legal aid are among a few organizations/agencies that are all located together at the Nampa Family Justice Center for easy, safe access.Internship Duties: * Administration duties of Nampa Family Justice Center
* Funding/Grant Writing
* Fundraiser Organization/Completion
* Assistance to Director
* Assistance to other office staff as needed Objectives or Activities:
Nampa Recreation CenterThe Recreation Center offers a variety of recreational opportunities to the citizens of Nampa and other surrounding cities.Internship Duties: During this internship I will assist the Recreation Center in planning and implementing a new triathlon and running club for its patrons. I will work with two other staff at the Rec. Center and assist them with ideas. I will be a coach in the actual program. We will be reporting all that we do back to Cody Swander the Nampa Rec. Center's Director. Objectives or Activities:I plan to stick with this program after my internship is over and try to make it as successful as possible. My goal is to have a growing running program that not only serves the community but also fuels the Rec. Centers membership base.
Nampa School District, District OfficeThis is the Nampa School District, District officePreform a variety of assigned tasks as needed in the district office. Development of various skills in an education administration environment including computer, and professional skills.
Northwestern MutualFinancial ServicesInternship Duties: Job Description: Financial representative interns with the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network have the same opportunities to build their careers as full-time representatives. Like financial representatives, interns provide expert guidance and innovative solutions for individuals and businesses in the areas of retirement planning, insurance and investment services, estate planning, business planning, education funding and employee benefits. They strive to understand their clients' goals and visions in order to uncover financial solutions that put them on a path to success.
Pioneer Community CenterBoise Parks and Recreations Play CampInternship Duties: Pioneer Neighborhood Community Center is a positive place for kids. The majority of the children who attend this center come from low income families receiving government assistance. A large amount of the kids are immigrants who came over with their families from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon. Majority are from the middle east. The ages range from 5-14 yrs old girls and boys. They are continuously learning new things everyday about our culture, and they are very curious about a lot of things happening in their surroundings. At this center they learn a great deal and are taught rules and responsibilities, and most importantly, how to get along with others. Objectives or Activities:
Planned Parenthood of IdahoPlanned Parenthood of Idaho is a private non-profit agency that works to ensure access to high quality, reproductive health care through direct medical services, education and advocacy.Internship Duties: My internship duties are as follows: to participate in grant writing to help organize fundraising events such as the Annual Gala, Plays that sponsor us. I will be looking for new ways to gain funds for PPI during 2008 and will be learning how to write grants to foundations. Objectives or Activities:
Positive Connections LLCPositive Connections is an organization that has three departments in it that includes PSR, Counseling and then Adult and Children developmental and Habilitative Supports Therapy.I will job shadow and work with a certified PSR specialist working with adults and children in their home and community environments. The focus will be helping them control their behavior and problem solving and implementing different responses that help them achieve a positive response or outcome. I will also learn how to write progress notes and what is involved in an assessment and plan to address the areas of concern.
Quantitative Consultants, IncFisheries research and biometrics consulting.Internship Duties: Assist with field crew and lab work concerned with fisheries research. Assist in quantitative research, data collection and statistical analysis concerned with fisheries and quality of watershed environment. Objectives or Activities:
Restore - Habitat for Humanity Retail StoreHabitat for Humanity provides housing assistance. The ReStore location provides donated items at a retail location to raise funds for the organization.Provide assistance in retail store location. Loading and unloading trucks.
S.H.I.P*SHIP is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to developing a holistic system to serve the needs of people in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. The organization is sponsored by Second Chances Building Material.Internship Duties: I will be doing shift work at the Garfield VA House, where I will monitor, guide, and interact with the men in recovery. I will help aid in activities in the house and be there as a support network for the men. I will be responsible for documenting interactions, behaviors, and meds given out. Objectives or Activities:Help the men in their recovery process.
Provide a stable environment.
Be a positive role model and aid in ways the men need help.
Help in any training for life skills.
Be able to use this experience for Master of Social Work.
Salvation Army Nampa CorpsThe Salvation Army Nampa Corps serves local families by providing Family Services, Before/After School Child Care, a Family Community Shelter, and Christmas gifts for children. Impact Youth Center provides before and after school care for children in K through 6th grades. The goal is to create an environment that will enhance children's social, physical, and spiritual development.Internship Duties: Supervise teen volunteers at the Summer Day Camp, implement programs so that the volunteer experience is beneficial for the teen, provide teens with daily tasks and responsibilities. Objectives or Activities:
Sl Start & AssociatesSL Start works with disability adults and children in helping with developmental needs. To help prepare them to become independent.Internship Duties: Helping and developing adults and children to become independent. Learn how to do correct paperwork for the individual and attend monthly staff meetings. Also to learn to become IBI Objectives or Activities:
Snake River AllianceClean energy proposals for legislative supportInternship Duties: Gaining support for clean energy proposals.
South Junior HighJunior high schoolHelp teacher with tutoring of students
Southwest Idaho Area III Agency on AgingSage Community Resources provides community and economic development services, through partnerships, to create healthy communities in the ten counties of southwest Idaho and In addition to economic development we also administer or are directly involved in:1) A revolving loan fund in the rural member counties. (excludes Ada and Canyon)

2) The Southwest Idaho Area Agency on Aging.

3) Planning and grant administration for our member counties.

(Geriatric case management, adult protective services, nursing home ombudsperson, BSU homemaker program, and respite programs)
Internship Duties: 1. Job shadow to learn day to day responsibilities of a geriatric case manager
2. Make follow up calls to clients receiving services and learn what resources are available pertaining to seniors
3. Complete and initiate an assessment
4. Complete necessary forms and data entry
5. Learn agency affiliates Objectives or Activities:
Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention CenterThe Juvenile Detention Center in Caldwell IdahoLearning to work with and handle kids in need of direction, guidance and discipline in a constructive and appropriate way.
Special OlympicsTo help special olympic athletes in various activities.Internship Duties: Coordinate, organize, and maintain special Olympic events. Objectives or Activities:
Specialty Environmental Services, IncHazardous waste broker, disposal clean-up, teaching safety classes and emergency clean-upInternship Duties: Generate all paperwork/legal documents for hazardous waste disposal,(manifest, labels for drums, LDR's,etc) answer phones, filing, cleaning of office. Any supportive duties for staff. Creating load list to schedule disposal pick-ups. Inputting waste streams into program, data entry etc. Objectives or Activities:Projects : computerizing paperwork and organizational aspects of company for invoicing, labels etc. Designing new invoices and new ways to make jobs run more smoothly , efficient and professional.
St. Luke's RMCBilling and coding coordinationInternship Duties: Researching products in order to provide a comprehensive single reference guide for ease in billing and coding hospital services. Objectives or Activities:
The Community CenterHuman services for the LGBTQ community including programs such as HIV testing, Gay AA, a youth program and community connections for the LGBTQ population in BoiseInternship Duties: Help the community center move to a new location this summer. Work on pre existing programs, and create fundraisers to raise money for the center. Objectives or Activities:
The English Language Center for RefugeesThe ELC provides English and cultural integration classes for Refugees coming to Boise from various countries around the globe.During my time with the ELC I will assist teachers during class time as well as with lesson planning and preparation. I will also take photographs for the Center and might conduct research to help with moving forward with a plan to institute an ESL class for illiterate adults.
** the application would not accept the supervisor e-mail that I provided. Supervisor's e-mail according to the ELC website is:
The First TeeThe First Tee of Idaho is a youth development organization that teaches core character values and life skills to youths 7-17 using golf as a delivery to mechanism.Internship Duties:
  • create, collect, and analyze participant satisfaction survey.
  • hands on contact with youth assisting with programming director.
  • data entry- other administrative tasks.
  • assist Director of Programming with fall/winter marketing campaign.
Objectives or Activities:
The Third district youth courtThird district youth courtInternship Duties: Observing and instructing youth in court proceedings, learning about youth court, assisting in court cases, independently manage a small case load. Objectives or Activities:
TLC Home Health CareIn-home health careInternship Duties: Answer the phones, take inquiries, document, update T1001 excel sheets, do orientations, build and discharge employee files, build and discharge client files, update the employee board, contact references on job applications, prepare medicaid and private books for clients and the office, schedule employees, type office schedule, complete client calls, etc. Objectives or Activities:
Treasure Valley Community TelevisionPUBLIC ACCESS AND GOVERNMENT/HEALTH/EDUCATIONAL TELEVISIONInternship Duties: The person applying for this position should possess the ability to deal with all personality types, have strong people skills and have a background in television & video production.Duties will include:

* Assist in Field production
* Editing / AVIO / Adobe Premier
* Studio production
* Classes, training and orientation for general public
* Daily programming when needed
* Dubbing
* Assist in training of BSU students
* Community, non-profit & youth outreach (field & studio shoots)
* Open city government / Live, Boise City Council Coverage
* Live City Council Call-in Show

TRIOTRIO is a pre college program that is federally funded and helps low income high school students. The Upward Bound Summer program is an accredited high school that helps students get summer credit while living on the BSU campus.Internship Duties: An Academic Mentor will assist high school teachers with their curriculum and also help students with the same. As an Academic Mentor the student will be attending classes with different teachers and assess the assignments to assist students with questions. Academic Mentor will also be in charge of Upward Bound Fish Program which is a tutoring session for students for 3 hours on Wednesday evenings. Objectives or Activities:
United Way Of Treasure ValleyThe United Way of Treasure Valley raises and allocates money and services to agencies in the Treasure Valley to build a strong community. They work with non profit organizations within the community to determine where funds and services are required in order to help as many people benefit from the services as possible.Internship Duties: Attend campaign meetings in order to learn the process; coordinate with agencies in the Treasure Valley for Make a Difference Day in October; assist in the coordination of Gleaning project by locating a farm/orchard/field to host the gleaning; identify volunteer projects in the Nampa, Idaho, area; assist in 2009 campaign coverage; learn process of reviewing and taking part in Board meetings. Objectives or Activities:Striving to learn as much as possible about working with non profit agencies and to learn about resources available in the Treasure Valley. I really hope to do as diverse work as possible in order to determine my best fit in the field of non profit organizations.
Ustick Elementary SchoolPublic Elementary School in Boise, Idaho.Internship Duties: Work with kids independently and in small groups by tutoring, observing classroom routines and activities, learning to write lesson plans, learning to create an environment that stimulates learning, keeping children safe, help teacher in everyday activities by grading papers and preparing for class. Objectives or Activities:
Vallivue High SchoolPublic EducationInternship Duties: I will be helping counselors work with students in setting career and educational goals. Helping implement any programs that the counselors have planned to help students work towards being successful in school and set goals. Help in the office when needed. Objectives or Activities:
Veterans Services Boise State UniversityAccording to the website 'The VetSuccess on Campus program is a collaborative effort between the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Boise State University. The goal of the program is to help military Veterans and eligible dependents of military Veterans make a smooth transition to college life and to successfully complete their educational goals."Provide customer service to veterans who are seeking education benefits through the Veterans Center. Plan, organize, and conduct outreach and informational events. Contact veterans to ensure they are receiving all services necessary to successfully complete school. Help new student veterans through the application and admissions process.
West YMCAAt the Treasure Valley Y, we help kids of all ages set and achieve personal and educational goals. They gain confidence as they recognize the Y as a place where they belong and can feel comfortable exploring new interests and passions. Through leadership and academic enrichment programs such as mentoring, youth government, and college preparation, we make sure that every child can envision a positive future and make meaningful contributions to their communitiesI will be working with the youth at YMCA in different, social class, race, ages to help their development by providing a safe place to learn foundational skills, in develop trusting relationships, and build self-reliance through the Y values of CARING, HONESTY, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY.
WICAPWestern Idaho Community Action Program, Inc. Assisting families in the community with basic needs, such as food, clothing, household items, assistance with heating bill. Non-Profit.Internship Duties: Filing consumers paper work, tax and income information. Assisting warehouse with assembly of items for consumers. Any additional office work, including interviewing consumers and setting up plans. Objectives or Activities:
Wish Granters Inc.Wish granters is a non profit organization that helps terminally ill adults receive a wish of their choice.Internship Duties: Duties would include event planning, marketing, public relations, fundraising, clerical duties, etc. Objectives or Activities:
Women's and Children's AllianceThe Women's and Children's Alliance offers safety, healing and freedom to victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. WCA provides:
* Two 24-Hour Crisis Hotlines for victims of domestic violence and rape and their friends and family.
* Safe and secure shelter and transitional homes.
* Counseling and supportive services.
* Court advocacy for victims of domestic and/or sexual violence.
* Safety planning.
* Education for victims and members of the community.
* Rape Crisis Advocacy for victims of sexual violence.
Internship Duties: Attend at least 15 hours of training.
Attend ex-parte protection order hearing
Attend 14-day protection order hearing
Attend safety planning workshop and If These Walls Could Talk
Demonstrate understanding of mandatory reporting laws, WCA services and how to access them, and Residential Program and Drug & Alcohol Program entry procedures
Observe at least 1 Residential intake at Shelter
Conduct at least 1 Residential intake and produce a complete, acceptable file
Produce an acceptable room inventory
Observe at least 1 Get Organized meeting
Conduct at least 1 Get Organized meeting and produce completed, acceptable check-list
Produce at least 3 examples of acceptable DAP documentation
Successfully check in at least one medication
Successfully distribute at least 3 medications
Conduct chore checks
Thoroughly check all security stations Objectives or Activities:
Boise State University Women's CenterMission: The Boise State University Women's Center empowers students to achieve their academic goals by providing educational outreach, support services and a safe place. We promote active citizenship and focus primarily on gender-related issues, encouraging dialogue about the social construction of gender and how gender intersects with race, ethnicity, class, sex, sexual orientation, ability, age and nationalitySummary of the Position:
Healthy Relationships (HR) Peer Educators represent the Women’s Center as key paraprofessional staff members and student role models for 20 hours per week during the academic year. HR Peer Educators will work at the front desk and focus on training and event development. Under the direct supervision of the Administrative Assistant, HR Peer Educators will provide quality customer service and administrative support. Under the direct supervision of the Violence Prevention and Support Coordinator (VPSC), HR Peer Educators will create, implement, evaluate, and evolve interactive presentations and events to promote healthy relationships, consent, bystander intervention, and resources for victims/survivors.HR Peer Educators will have the opportunity to earn internship credit through relevant academic departments. This position is integral to the Women’s Center mission in providing outreach and opportunities for critical thinking, with the ultimate goal of helping students reach their full potential and form their own strategies to promote and create a safe and just society.Learning Outcomes:
In completing the HR Peer Educator position, staff will:
• demonstrate good organizational, time management and communication skills
• engage in strategies to increase inclusiveness of educational programs
• engage in leadership skills to improve outreach and increase program effectiveness
• engage in self-exploration regarding the impact of being a peer educator on their personal development, skill set, and future career goals
• have the knowledge and skills to effectively create, facilitate, and evaluate interactive adult learning presentations, as well as develop learning outcomes
• be able to demonstrate active listening and responding
• be able to define and provide examples of bystander intervention, consent, and healthy relationships
• have an familiarity with campus conduct polices and campus and community resources
World ReliefWorld Relief is a non-governmental organization that host refugees who seek asylum here in the United States by administering services that are geared towards attaining self sufficiency.Internship Duties: Assist in clients’ case management and also upon IRB approval, I will conduct a research project for the agency through the McNair Scholars Program. I will also work as an interpreter for those clients whom I speak their native language among many other duties. Objectives or Activities:
Wyakin Warrior FoundationThe Wyakin Warrior Foundation™ through its Wounded Warrior Academy™ is a nonprofit organization providing a comprehensive training package for wounded and injured veterans to include: A FULL, FOUR-YEAR SCHOLARSHIP (room, board, books, tutoring, living expenses). TRAINING SEMINARS by the nation’s top business leaders and public officials.
A MULTI-LAYERED MENTORING PROGRAM consisting of three levels:
1. National Level Mentor – one of the country’s leaders in business, industry or government service.
2. Local Level Mentor – an established community leader, often a veteran.
3. Student Peer – a student who assists the veteran in learning the campus and the ins and outs of student life.
LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in a fraternal organization (The Wyakin Warrior Foundation™).ROBUST NETWORKING to secure employment in a satisfying and rewarding career.
The Wyakin Warrior program specifically targets wounded veterans who have the interest and motivation to contribute as leaders in business, government and/or their communities; but lack the education and training to do so. We provide both.
Serves as the administrative coordinator of a Warrior Squad consisting of seven to ten Warriors and their associated Teams. Developing productive, positive relationships With the Warriors and their Teams is critical to anticipating obstacles and assisting the Warrior to engage and overcome those obstacles. These distractions may appear during the transition from military to civilian life in Education/Academic Support, Healthy Behaviors, Friendship/Socialization and Career Exploration.• Work directly with DSEVA and ADSEVA to ensure quality control and maintain the high level of "touch" we have with our Warriors (academic, VA, financial, and medical needs).
Organization NameOrganization's description of missionName of internship coordinator
Intermountain Social Research Lab - Department of SociologyThe Inter-Mountain Social Research Lab (IMSRL) of the Department of Sociology addresses pressing issues in the discipline and the Boise community through bringing research and teaching together. In a yearlong intensive research training program, faculty guide a small group of undergraduate students through developing and executing all aspects of an original research project, from inception to dissemination.Arthur Scarritt
ACLU of IdahoThe ACLU of Idaho is a non-partisan organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of civil liberties and civil rights. We believe that the freedom of press, speech, assembly, and religion, and the rights to due process, equal protection and privacy, are fundamental to a free people.Kathy Griesmyer, Community Outreach Manager
Ada County Sheriff's OfficeThe Ada County Sheriff’s Office is the largest law enforcement agency in the state of Idaho with over 600+ employees. Our mission is to make safer places for you to live, work, and play. We serve a population of almost 400,000 and have an annual budget exceeding $40 million dollars. We offer stable employment and an excellent benefit packageAngie Fisher
City Light Home for Women and Children, Boise Rescue Mission Ministries.Our mission is to restore faith, hope, and family. In our New Life Program at City Light we help women and their children overcome addiction and/or trauma to lead healthy, productive lives. We support them and give them tools to process their issues and move forward in their lives.Diane Prebula, Program Manager
US Bureau of Reclamation and The mission of the Bureau ofUS Bureau of Reclamation and The mission of the Bureau of Reclamation is to manage, develop, and protect water and related resources in an environmentally and economically sound manner in the interest of the American public.Luz Moreno
Hands of Hope NorthwestOUR MISSION: To provide medical supplies and equipment to the underserved and assist the ministry of others. OUR VISION: Serve the needs of others as a compassionate ministry pursuing excellence and quality, and facilitate the movement of donated medical supplies and equipment to those in need. OUR GOAL: To make a difference in the lives of those who do not have adequate health care.Sue Justus
Boise Rock SchoolBoise Rock School is an independent music school that teaches kids and
adults how to rock! Boise Rock School runs as an after-school program
with ongoing enrollment, a summer camp destination and outreach
program for Idaho schools.
Ryan Peck
Boise Urban Garden School. SUMMER INTERNSHIP!The mission of Boise Urban Garden School is to grow healthy communities and inquiring minds.Campbell Diebolt
Girls on the Run Treasure ValleyMission: We inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.Melissa Bixby
AAFV- Advocates Against Family ViolenceThe mission of AAFV is to eliminate violence in families and homes by empowering men, women, and children to make positive life choices through advocacy, support, education, awareness and community involvement. We provide a safe, confidential and comforting environment, where both client and child may begin the healing process. Over the last nine years of operation, we have assisted thousands of families in need by providing support, safe housing, counseling, clothing, food, child care, referrals and advocacy.Tricia Combs
Access LivingAccess Living is a mental health clinic offering mental health services to adults, children, couples and families. We also offer children’s developmental disabilities services.Kama Hiner
Community Council of Idaho, Inc.We are a nonprofit organization that provides affordable housing, head start, employment and training, and health care services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers, low-income individuals, and at-risk youth. We are statewide, but our corporate headquarters are in Caldwell.Rebecca De Leon
Life’s Kitchen, Inc.Life’s Kitchen is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of at-risk young adults by building self sufficiency and independence through comprehensive food service and life skills training, placement in the foodservice industry, and continuing educationJeremy Maxand
Idaho Power Co.Prosper by providing reliable, responsible, fair-priced energy services, today and tomorrow.Rebecca Stonhill
Idaho State PoliceProviding public safety across the State of Idaho through law enforcement excellenceMichelle George, Human Resource Specialist, Senior
Idaho Voices for ChildrenIdaho Voices for Children raises awareness, educates and unites our community to resolve problems facing Idaho’s children in the areas of health, education, safety and family economic security.LeAnn Simmons
International Student VolunteersOur Mission is “To support sustainable development initiatives around the world through life-changing volunteer and responsible adventure travel programs that educate, inspire and result in more active global citizens.”Deanna Mathewson, International Education Director
Nampa Family Justice CenterThe Nampa Family Justice Center is dedicated to ending family violence and sexual assault through prevention and response by providing comprehensive, client-centered services.Jeannie Strohmeyer, LSW
Boise Police Department. Law EnforcementTo Protect, Serve and Lead our Community to a Safer TomorrowMichelle Hilton
Northwestern Mutual“Professionals committed to building relationships, enriching lives, and securing futures.”Michelle Gooding
Idaho Youth Golf Association (dba The First Tee of Idaho)our mission is to positively impact the lives of young people in Idaho by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.Ally Gorney (backup Pete Stickney)
Veteran ServicesOur office is set up to provide information and procedures relevant to all Education Benefits provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs.R.K. Williams/Lori Sprague (or another agency in the Veteran Center, but we will be main contact)
Women’s Business CenterTo Protect, Serve and Lead our Community to a Safer TomorrowSarah Porkorney- Women’s Business Center Program Director
NIÑO ProjectTo provide business development training, one-on-one consulting, professional referrals and resources needed for refugee women and men to own and operate home-based child care businesses.Terri MacDonald- NIÑO Project, Project Director