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Q: How do I get an internship?

A: There are many different ways to get an internship. You can apply to companies with a formalized internship program, you can seek out companies who hire interns as they come but don’t recruit for them, or you can create your own internship.

Q: How is the internship registration process different from registering for other classes?

A: To register for Internship- SOC493, students must enroll via online application after they have determined where they will do their internship. With an internship site and internship site supervisor decided on, students then go to the online application to register for credit. Once the internship application is submitted, the student goes to the Sociology Department’s Internship Coordinator for approval.

Q: What is grounds for application approval?

A: If the internship is relevant to a student’s course of study and professional goals, the application is approved by the department. It then goes to the internship site supervisor for approval. Once the site supervisor approves the application, agreeing to both supervise a student’s hours and report back to BSU at the end of the semester, the registrar’s office will manually register the student in SOC493.

Q: What are the responsibilities of the internship site supervisor?

A: The internship site supervisor is responsible for aiding in defining the student’s internship responsibilities, supervising the students’ hours, and reporting back to BSU at the end of the semester with an exit evaluation of the student’s performance.

Q: How long does the application process take?

A: The entire process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on how quickly the application is approved at the various steps.

Q: What are the time requirements for Internship- SOC493?

A: 45 hours of internship time are required for every academic credit. Sociology, Social Science, and Ethnic Studies majors must complete 3 credits of Internship- SOC493. Students may take up to 12 Internship credits. Beyond the 3 required credits, Internship credits can be used toward graduation as elective credits.

Q: What are the academic assignments for Internship- SOC493?

A: Once enrolled in the SOC493, the class will show up on Canvas. The academic assignments, found in canvas, are a resume, time log, online check-ins, and an exit evaluation from your site supervisor. Assignment details and due dates are outlined in Canvas. About Canvas for students