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Michael Kreiter CV 2022

Michael P. Kreiter
Curriculum Vitae [March 2022]

2019 – Present: Lecturer, Sociology Department, Boise State University
2018 – 2019: Adjunct Professor, Sociology Department, Boise State University
2014 – 2019: Graduate Appointee, Department of Sociology, Kent State University

Ph.D., Sociology, Kent State University, 2021
Dissertation Title: “There Will be no Reconciliation”: The Science Fiction Culture War of White Supremacist Puppies
Major: Inequality
Minor: Criminology
M.A., Sociology, Kent State University, 2017
B.A., Multi-Ethnic Studies, Boise State University, 2014
B.S., Sociology, Boise State University, 2014

Race, ethnicity, gender, and class inequality courses; social problems; introductory sociology; sociological communication; inequality in neoliberal higher education; social statistics; classical and contemporary theory; research methods; crime; deviance; critical criminology

Instructor of Record
SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology. Boise State University (online)
SOC 105 – Racism and Antiracism. Boise State University (online)
SOC 122 – Sociological Communication. Boise State University (online, f2f)
SOC 230 – Introduction to Ethnic Studies. Boise State University (online, f2f)
Cross-listed as GENDER 280 – Colloquium in Gender Studies
SOC 305 – Racial and Cultural Minorities. Boise State University (f2f)
Cross-listed as GENDER 380 – Colloquium in Gender Studies
SOC 310 – Elementary Social Statistics. Boise State University (Online)
SOC 412 – Qualitative Social Research Methods – IMSRL. Boise State University (f2f).
Prepped for 2022
SOC 421 – Social Inequality. Boise State University (Online)
SOC 498 – Senior Seminar – IMSRL. Boise State University (f2f).
SOC 12050 – Introduction to Sociology. Kent State University (online)
SOC 22778 – Social Problems. Kent State University (f2f)
SOC 32569 – Minorities in the United States. Kent State University (online)
UF 200 – University Foundations: Inequality in Higher Education. Boise State University (online, f2f)
Teaching Assistant
Social Problems. Kent State University (f2f).
Introduction to Sociology. Kent State University (f2f).
Honors Introduction to Sociology. Kent State University (f2f).

Demystifying Critical Race Theory. Anti-Defamation League. Aug 5, 2020.
Remote workshop on CRT meaning and pedagogy
Flexible Teaching for Student Success, Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Boise State University. Summer 2020.
Intensive 3-week training for effective pedagogy during a pandemic
Teaching Sociology (3 credit hour graduate seminar). Kent State University. Spring 2016.
Guest Lecture in Social Problems course. Dr. Carla Goar. Topic: Globalization and Inequality, Kent State University. Mar 12, 2016.

Online extremism and digital sociology; critical race theory; class; gender; sexuality; intersectionality; cultural studies; pop culture studies; critical criminology; and race-based police violence

Kreiter, Michael P. and Arthur Scarritt. 2018. “‘Boatloads of Money’ in the Great Equalizer: How Diversity Ideologies Leverage Race in the Neoliberal Remaking of the University.” in Challenging the Status Quo: Diversity, Democracy and Equality in the 21st Century, edited by David G. Embrick, Sharon M. Collins, and Michelle S. Dodson. The Netherlands: Brill Academic Publishers.
Spates, Kamesha, Michael Kreiter, and Jackie Coffee. 2019. “Suicide in Color: Portrayals of African American Suicide in Ebony Magazine from 1960 to 2008.” Issues in Race and Society: An Interdisciplinary Global Journal. 8(1): 235-270.

Kreiter, Michael P. “Culturalist Political Essentialism: Using digital sociological methods to explore transformations in frames of Colorblind Ideology.”
Kreiter, Michael P. “There will be no Reconciliation: Ideological Pathways from Mainstream Colorblindness to Alt-Right Extremism.”
Kreiter, Michael P. “Pop Culture Wars: Ideological Rhetoric and Hierarchical Social Structure.”
Kreiter, Michael P. and Jacob Church. “Fatal Encounters with Police: A Racial Threat Analysis.”

Research Assistant. Dr. Kamesha Spates. 2014 – 2016. Children’s books about incarcerated parents. Led and mentored undergraduate students in qualitative content analysis of children’s books.
Research Assistant. Dr. Kamesha Spates. 2014 – 2017. Suicide in Color. Collected data from Ebony magazine, qualitatively coded, and wrote analyses regarding media representations of Black suicide.
Research Assistant. Dr. Carla Goar. 2014 – 2015. Inter-racial adoption. Qualitative coding of interview transcripts from white parents who adopted non-white and/or international children.
Research Assistant. Dr. Tim Owens. 2016 – 2017. “America First.” Collected research literature on xenophobia, racism, and the phrase “America First.”
Research Assistant. Dr. Christopher Dum. 2015 – 2017. Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) and sex offenders. Collected research literature on prison re-entry, transitional housing, and homelessness for registered sex offenders.

Kreiter, Michael P. “White Supremacy and Misogyny in Sci-Fi Fandom: How the Culture Wars create Spaces for Extremism to Thrive.” Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Virtual (March 21, 2021).

Kreiter, Michael P. “The White Man Victimhood of the Rabid Puppies: Connecting the Online Culture Wars to the Alt-Right Extremism in Sci-Fi Fandom.” Sociologists for Women in Society Winter Meeting. Virtual (Jan 27, 2021).

Kreiter, Michael P. “Culture Wars: Ideological Rhetoric of the Sad Puppies and the Maintenance of Oppressive Social Structures.” Pacific Sociological Association Annual Conference. Cancelled due to Covid-19 (March, 2020).

Kreiter, Michael P. “Culture Wars: Ideological Rhetoric of the Sad Puppies and the Maintenance of Oppressive Social Structures.” Sociologists for Women in Society Winter Meeting. San Diego, CA (January 31, 2020).

Kreiter, Michael P. “The Colorblind Racism of Sad Puppies: Discourse Analysis of Conservative Sci-Fi Fans.” Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Oakland, CA (March 29, 2019).

Kreiter, Michael P. “Fandom Fragility: How Traditionalist Backlash in Sci–fi Reinforces Patriarchy and White Supremacy.” Sociologists for Women in Society Winter Conference. Denver, CO (Feb 9, 2019).

Kreiter, Michael P. “Opting-in to Diversity: “Being in a group of people who are different is part of not being an asshole.” Department presentation. Sociology, Kent State University. Kent, OH (Mar 11, 2016).

Kreiter, Michael P. “Neoliberal Multiculturalism: The Diversity that Divides Us.” Boise State University Undergraduate Scholarship Conference. Boise, ID (April 15, 2013).

Kreiter, Michael P. “Neoliberal Multiculturalism in the University and the Effects on Colorblind Racism.” Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Reno, NV (March 21, 2013).

2018 – present. Faculty research mentor to undergraduate students. Intermountain Social Research Laboratory (IMSRL). Sociology Department. Boise State University.
2021 – present. School of Computing, Education Working-group member. Ongoing meetings. College of Arts and Sciences. Boise State University.

Sociologists for Women in Society
Pacific Sociological Association
American Sociological Association