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Sharon Paterson CV

Sharon Paterson, Ph.D.

(previous name McGuire)
Boise State University 1910 University Drive Boise, ID 83725 (208) 426-4062


Ph.D. Sociology, Specializations: Inequality, Work/Occupations, and Higher Education
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, December 1998 Dissertation: At-Risk, First-Year Students’ Perceptions of Their Academic Performance Activities and Grades Earned
M.S. Higher Education/College Student Personnel
Southern Illinois University, 1988 Thesis: Relationship Between Student Involvement in Co-curricular Activities and Grade Point Average, Class Standing, and Satisfaction at Southern Illinois University
B.S. Sociology, Minor: Communications, Oregon State University, 1986


ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF SOCIOLOGY, Boise State University, Boise, ID. September 2006 – present
VICE PROVOST FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES, Boise State University, Boise, ID, September 2006 – July 2016
DEAN OF STUDENTS (INTERIM) Iowa State University, Ames, IA, July 2005 – September 2006
ATHLETIC ACADEMIC ADVISOR (INTERIM) Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, April 1999 – July 1999
ACADEMIC SUCCESS CONSULTANT (POST DOCTORAL) College of Arts & Sciences, Computer Science, Academic Enrichment, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg,
VA, February 1999 – April 1999
LECTURER, SOCIOLOGY Radford University, Radford, VA, August 1998- December1998
RETENTION PROGRAMS COORDINATOR Radford University, Radford, VA, July 1996 – May 1998
STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES DIRECTOR Radford University, Radford, VA, July 1993 – January 1994
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UNIVERSITY CENTER ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA, September 1991 – May 1993
WOMEN’S CENTER DIRECTOR – WOMEN’S STUDIES Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA, September 1990 – February 1992
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FOR STUDENT ACTIVITIES Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA, 1988 – 1991


Courses taught:
• Civic and Ethical Foundations (Boise State)
• Introduction to Sociology (Boise State, Virginia Tech, Radford University)
• Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Masters Capstone (Iowa State)
• Introduction to Women’s Studies (Virginia Tech, Radford University)
• Social Problems (Radford University)
• Race, Class and Gender (Radford University)
• Inequality (Radford University)
Teaching strategies include lectures, on-line learning, simulated experiences, service learning, and group experiences.
Workshops: “Understanding and applying learning styles”, “Learning how to learn”, “Learning Outcomes Assessment made simple”, culture and classism sensitivity, gendered communication, time management, budget management strategies.


Stieha, Vicki; Shadle, Susan E.; and Paterson, Sharon. (2016). “Stirring the Pot: Supporting and Challenging
General Education Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Faculty to Change Teaching and Assessment Practice”. The Journal of General Education, 65(2), 85-109.
Llewellyn, D., Pyke, P., Paterson, S., Landrum, E., Scaritt, A., Cullers, J., Warner, D. (2016). “Connecting with Other Disciplines Builds Students Own Skills and Professional Identity”. American Society for Engineering Education
Nadelson L. S., McGuire, S., McAdams, K., Davis, K., Nagarajan, R., Wang, S., Kaiser, U., and Hsu, Y.
(2015) “Am I a STEM professional? The development and results of a measure of student professional identity development.” Journal of Research in Science Teaching.
McGuire, S., Belcheir, M., “Transfer Student Characteristics Matter.” (2013) Journal of College Student
Retention, 15, 1, 2013.
McGuire, S. Rice, P. (2007). “Academic Advising of First Year Adult Students.” Invited chapter in First Year
Experience monograph.
Boysen, G. McGuire, S. (2005) “Assessment of Study Skills Course Using Academic Performance and Self-
Efficacy. “The Learning Assistance Review.
Chadwick, S. A., McGuire, S. (2004) “Effect of relational communication training for tutors on tutee course
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grades.” The Learning Assistance Review, 9, 2.
Hensen, K., McGuire, S., Pederson, E., Robinson, R., and Tilley, B. (2002) Life Skills for College. (2nd
McGuire, S., Creamer, E.G. (1998) “Applying the Cumulative Advantage Perspective to Scholarly Writers in the
Field of Higher Education”, The Review of Higher Education, 1998, 22, 1, 73- 82.


Pacific Northwest Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, Phase 2, “Building on Success” NSF DUE-1410465, funded 2015 – 2020, $410,000. Sub-award Principle Investigator.
STEM Central STATION funded through NSF Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3), NSF DUE-
0963659, funded 2010 – 2015, $1,243,702. Co-Principle Investigator.
Pacific Northwest Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, Phase 1, NSF DUE-0901996, funded 2010
– 2015, $530,000. Sub-award Principle Investigator.
NSF Widening Implementation & Demonstration of Evidence-Based Reforms (WIDER), DUE-1256585, 2013
– 2015, $300,000 Principle Investigator.
Pacific Northwest Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, Phase 2, Building on Success DUE-1410465, Sub-award Principle Investigator.
“Journey to Success” Financial Aid and Academic Success Center partnership. Principle Investigator, Iowa
State University P&S Recruitment and Retention Grant 2004 – 2005. Funded $2,900.
ISU Service Learning: Enhancing student learning in courses through service. Principle Investigator, Miller Grant
2002, Iowa State University, $17,000.
Toward Interbeing: Measuring the Effects of Relational Communication Training on Student Learning Outcomes
and Interbeing.
Co-Principle Investigator, Iowa State University, Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication Research
Grant 2001. Funded $3,430.
PEW Grant Program in Course Redesign: Redesign of the Course ‘Discrete Mathematics’. Contributor to
Qualitative Assessment design, 2001. Funded $200,000.
E-Learner Program and Website. Principle Investigator, Iowa State University P&S Recruitment and Retention
Grant 2000- 2001. Funded $2,700.
Computer and Innovative Software Loaner Program for Students with Disabilities. Co- Investigator, Iowa State
University Computer Advisor Committee 2000 – 2001. Funded $41,000.
Academic Success Cultural Corps. Principle Investigator, Iowa State University Cultural Corps Grants Program
1999 – Present. Funded $1,800 annually.


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Understanding the Disconnect Between Implementing Evidence-Based Instructional Practices and Assessing
Learning Outcomes, Lilly Teaching and Learning Conference, Co-Presenter Stieha, V. 2014
Documenting Pedagogy and Assessing Learning in STEM General Education: A Faculty Development Opportunity
Resulting from “Disruption”, AAC&U General Education and Assessment, Co-Presenter Stieha. V. 2013.
A Tale of Two Institutions’ Strategies for Faculty Engagement in Curricular Reform and Learning Outcomes
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Association, 2003
Multiple Voices Bring Academic Performance Policies to Life. Co-presenter Shari Ellertson, American College
Personnel Association, 2001.
Assessing the Effects of Teacher-Learner Communications on Students’ Attitudes and Learning Outcomes. Co- Presenter S. A. Chadwick, The Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning, November, 2001
Promoting a Culture of Academic Excellence among Student Leaders. Pre-conference Workshop, Co-Presenter with
V. Wall, National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, National Conference, 2001.
Structured Interventions for First-Year, Academically At-Risk Students: An Experience Shaped by Gender.
National Freshman Year Experience Conference, 1998.
Advancing Women College Students: Interventions for Academically At-Risk Students. Invited Paper, National
Association of Women Educators, 1998.
An Academic Support Program for At-Risk, First-Year Students. American Sociological Association
Conference, 1998.
Preparing for Faculty Careers: A Gendered Experience. Southern Sociological Society, 1996.
Women in Academe: Still Marginal Research in Higher Education Journals. Midwestern Sociological Society,
Elements of Doctoral Programs that Prepare Women for Faculty Success. Co-Presenter E. G. Creamer, American
College Personnel Association, 1996.
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