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Curl and Graduate Students Present at Cascadia Annual Symposium

Spivak, Giminez and Curl.
Spivak, Giminez and Curl.

PhD student Meredith Spivak, MPH student Jianna Gimenez and Associate Professor Cynthia Curl attended the Cascadia Annual Symposium on Environmental, Occupation and Population Health in Blaine, Washington. This symposium is co-hosted by the University of Washington, the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Oregon State University and (for the first time) Boise State University.  

Spivak gave an “Ignite” presentation titled: “Sex Differences in Acute Pesticide Poisonings among Farmworkers in Washington,” and won a $250 award for giving the best oral presentation by a student. 

Giminez presented her poster titled: “Assessing Chronic Exposure to Glyphosate using Urine Analysis.” 

Curl also shared an oral presentation titled: “Disparities and Inequities in a Changing World of Work.”