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Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences (EOHS) Career Opportunities

EOHS graduates may go on to work in research, outreach, education, advocacy and other important roles in government agencies, community-based organizations and other non-profits such as those below that focus on solving a wide range of environmental and occupational health problems.


We encourage you to follow the links provided to learn more about what each agency does…and maybe you’ll see yourself working for one of them after graduation.

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare logo

The Idaho Bureau of Community and Environmental Health, within the Department of Health and Welfare, works to improve the health and welfare of Idaho communities. It is committed to public health by conducting environmental assessments, protecting children’s environmental health, promoting asthma management and education, promoting healthy and safe water and air through education and awareness campaigns, advisories, and so much more.

Environmental Health Coalition

Environmental Health Coalition logo

The Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) works to reduce pollution and improve health and well-being for thousands of people in underserved, low-income communities. They believe that all people and communities have the right to live, work and play in a clean and safe environment regardless of their zip code. They organize and advocate to protect public health and the environment threatened by toxic pollution.

Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture

The words Eat Real Food over photos of different fruits and vegetables

The Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture is a 501(c)3 organization connecting regional agricultural producers with the knowledge to address economic viability and resilience in a changing environment. The purpose has been to promote local and sustainable food communities through research, collaboration with farmers, and the expansion of local food distribution.

Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs

The Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs logo

The Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP) has been an advocate for migrant and seasonal farmworkers in the United States since 1971. They provide job training, pesticide safety education, emergency assistance, and an advocacy voice for the people who prepare and harvest our food. AFOP also advocates for policies that benefit and protect agricultural workers.

Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides

Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides logo

The Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides works to protect community and environmental health and inspire the use of ecologically sound solutions to reduce the use of pesticides. The Center’s values include: dismantling injustices in our environment; lasting change is possible when those directly impacted have a platform to speak; and the strength of our impact is closely tied to the strength of our diverse partnerships.

Children’s Environmental Health Network

Children's Environmental Health Network logo

The Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN) is a national multi-disciplinary organization whose mission is to protect the developing child from environmental health hazards and promote a healthier environment. The network’s goals are: to promote the development of sound public health and child-focused national policy; to stimulate prevention-oriented research; to educate health professionals, policy makers and community members in preventive strategies; and to elevate public awareness of environmental hazards to children.

World Health Organization

World Health Organization logo

WHO, Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health strives to promote a healthier environment, intensify primary prevention and influence public policies. It focuses on reducing environmental and social risk factors and works on topics such as promoting safe water, better hygiene, and safer management of toxic substances in the home and workplace.

National Council for Occupational Safety and Health

National Council for Occupational Safety and Health logo

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health works to ensure that all workers can earn their living with dignity and respect and return home alive and well at the end of their shift. National COSH engages workers across the country through a network of 23 state and local non- profit COSH groups who unite workers with labor, community, legal and health allies to win decent, just working conditions for all.

US Environmental Protection Agency

The United States Environmental Protection Agency logo

The US Environmental Protection Agency aims to protect human health and the environment. It has offices all over the US and works to ensure that Americans have clean air, land and water and that federal laws protecting health and the environment are enforced. It also ensures that contaminated lands and toxic sites are cleaned up and that chemicals in the marketplace are reviewed for safety.

Idaho Smart Growth

Idaho Smart Growth logo

Idaho Smart Growth is a comprehensive resource center working towards sustainable growth. It collaborates with groups involved in smart growth decisions including developers; government agencies; and citizens to help build communities that are healthy, more attractive, economically stronger and safer for everyone.

Coming Clean

Coming Clean logo

Coming Clean takes a consensus-based, and collaborative approach- uniting organizations, experts and activists across the environmental health and justice movements — to cultivate grassroots power and impact decision-making. Initiatives include: Clean Energy and Climate Solutions; Farmworker Health and Justice Team; Safe Substitutes and building community power.

American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations logo

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) works tirelessly to improve the lives of working people. The AFL-CIO helps make safe, equitable workplaces and give working people a collective voice to address workplace injustices without the fear of retaliation.

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