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Health Information Alumni Shares Experiences Leading to Graduate School

In celebration of Health Information Professionals Week, we connected with SPPH alum Maddie Mesher.

Maddie Mesher in front of hot air balloons
SPPH alum Maddie Mesher.

Mesher graduated in 2023 with a degree in Health Studies and Health Informatics and Information Management (now the BS in Health Data Analytics emphasis). She now works as a behavioral therapist and will attend Texas Tech University for Occupational Therapy starting in May.

Learn more about Mesher:

What originally brought you to Boise State and the School of Public and Population Health

I originally started in Civil engineering at Boise State but quickly switched over to Health Sciences. I chose Boise State because I loved the campus and the involvement on campus!

What did you enjoy most about your undergraduate studies?

I enjoyed all the different people I met and got to know throughout my time there. I met some of my best friends at BSU and people that I will stay connected with for life.

How do you think your undergraduate degree and the connections you made helped prepare you for professional schooling? 

I think the connections I made helped me with my application process for occupational therapy school and my undergrad degree taught me a lot about the healthcare system that will help me with my schooling and future as an occupational therapist.

How did your health information emphasis broaden your health studies horizons and expand your idea of how data plays a role in health?

I think that my HIIM emphasis gave me a good foundation on how the healthcare system works and will help me navigate electronic health records and health data once I am a practicing clinician

What advice do you have for undergraduate students approaching their time as professionals in the health world?

Do what makes you happy! I took a gap year after graduating before starting my graduate program and I thought I was behind everyone else but I am so grateful for the time off I have had from school and the experiences I have gotten while working as a behavioral therapist.