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Health Studies Student Q&A: Gretchen Kirk

Gretchen Kirk with graduation stole
Gretchen Kirk

In celebration of this year’s 2024 SPPH graduating class, we caught up with several graduating students to learn about their time with the School of Public and Population Health.

Gretchen Kirk is a Health Studies Major in Health Informatics and Information Management and is also completing certificates in Nonprofit Management and Grant Writing. She will graduate this May.

Read on to learn about her experiences in SPPH, her love of campus life and her plans for the future!

What originally brought you to Boise State and the School of Public and Population Health?

Beginning my college journey, I wasn’t completely sure what career path was for me. When I found the School of Public and Population Health, I knew that it was meant to be. I have learned so much about health and am confident that my studies have prepared me for my future endeavors. The culture and people of Boise are so welcoming and positive, making it easy to flourish.

What have you enjoyed most about your undergraduate studies?

In my undergraduate studies, I have grown immensely as a student, professional, and overall person. I have enjoyed learning about my passions and how I can contribute to the field of health. Throughout my time at Boise State, I have gotten the chance to participate in so many wonderful opportunities. Being a part of Greek Life, working on campus, and meeting lifelong friends are some of the most meaningful experiences. The connections that I have made during my time here are incredibly valuable and deeply important to me.

How has your HIIM emphasis broadened your health studies horizons and expanded your idea of how data plays a role in health?

The Health Informatics and Information emphasis has broadened my health studies horizons greatly. It has allowed me to get a holistic and comprehensive view of the field of healthcare. I have been able to see how data contributes to clinical decision-making and evidence based practices.

What advice do you have for undergrad students approaching their time as professionals in the health world?

For undergrad students approaching their time as professionals in the health world, I urge them to go take advantage of as many opportunities as possible! It can be overwhelming to take on new things but there are so many people rooting for you. Most importantly take time to enjoy the undergrad experience and make long lasting memories!

What are you most looking forward to post-graduation?

Following graduation I am looking forward to continuing my education at Boise State in the Master of Public Health program. Lifelong learning is something that I truly believe in and I feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity!