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Public Health: Health Education and Promotion (HEP) Emphasis

Year | Semester | CourseCreditsTotal
First Year | Semester 1
(FW) ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing3
(FC) Foundations of Communications course3
(FS) HLTH 110 Introduction to Health Science & Public Health3
UF 100 Intellectual Foundations 3
Elective (ex. MATH 108)315
First Year | Semester 2
(FN) BIOL 107 Introduction to Human Biology4
(FW) ENGL 102 Introduction to College Writing and Research3
(FA) Foundations of Arts course3
(FS) POLS 101 American National Government3

Second Year | Semester 3
CHP 240 Introduction to Community Health Promotion (fall only)3
(FH) Foundations of Humanities course3-4
HLTH 220 Foundations of Public Health (fall only)3
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology3
Second Year | Semester 4
(FN) Foundations of Natural, Physical, & Applied Sciences course (second field)3-4
(FM) MATH 153 Statistical Reasoning or 254 Statistical Methods3
UF 200 Intellectual Foundations3
EOHS or HLTH course
Third Year | Semester 5
CHP 340 Health Promotion Theories and Frameworks (fall only)3
HLTH 305 Determinants of Health and Wellness3
HLTH 355 Human Health and Disease3
HLTH 358 Policy Approaches for Public Health (fall only)3
Third Year | Semester 6
HLTH 356 Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing3
HLTH 357 Public Health Communication (spring only)3
EOHS or HLTH course3
Fourth Year | Semester 7
CHP 447 Community Assessment and Intervention Planning (fall only)4
HLTH 470 Collaborating and Advocating for Public Health (fall only)3
(FF) HLTH 490 Capstone Experience3
EOHS or HLTH course3
Fourth Year | Semester 8
CHP 448 Implementing and Evaluating Interventions (spring only)4
CHP 449 Leading Community Health Initiatives (spring only)3
HLTH 446 Grant Writing: Funding Health Initiatives (spring only)3
HLTH 480 Epidemiology for Clinical and Public Health Practice0