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Internship Overview for Students

Hundreds of students in the Boise State School of Public and Population Health have completed internship experiences at the local, state, national, and international levels. In the process of completing these internships, students have applied knowledge and skills from their courses to professional settings as they worked to address public health and healthcare challenges in their communities.

Students choose to complete an internship for many reasons:

  • Cultivate skills needed for future jobs
  • Explore potential career paths, organizations, or industries
  • Apply knowledge gained in the classroom to different workplace settings
  • Gain academic credit to apply towards the completion of a degree


Whether you already have an internship lined up, or you want to start the process of applying for internships, look no further! The Boise State School of Public and Population Health has resources to help you find and apply for internships, and as succeed as a student intern.

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