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Master of Public Health student Douglas Darneille shares his experience as a veteran and student. 

Douglas Darneille

Douglas Darneille enlisted in the United States Navy in 1976, spending five years in active duty and 22 years in the Navy Reserve.

When looking to join the health field, Darneille said he chose to pursue public health for the opportunity to impact communities rather than singular patients.

One of those communities Darneille knows well is that of his fellow veterans. As a public health student, Darneille would like to see health professionals better understand that veteran life experiences can vary greatly from what might be expected.

In an effort to better support veterans in their physical and mental health, Darneille encourages everyone to “park their assumptions” and start a conversation.

With nearly 3 decades of experience in the armed forces, Darneille said there are similarities between the dedication to service and education.

“Sign up, show up, do the work and finish what you start,” Darneille said.