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Master of Public Health Student Takes Second Place in Three Minute Thesis Competition

Jianna Gimenez

The School of Public and Population Health is excited to congratulate Master of Public Health student Jianna Gimenez on taking second place in the Boise State University Three Minute Thesis competition.

Gimenez presented “Drastic Measures: Understanding Chemical Exposures in the Modern World.”

Gimenez’s research overviews the current limitations of glyphosate research. Glyphosate — the most heavily used pesticide in the world — is primarily assessed using urine analysis, and commonly with only 1-2 urine samples. Since glyphosate levels in the body can fluctuate drastically, this means any single urine sample is likely to mischaracterize an individual’s chronic exposure. A potential consequence of this could be that the health effects of glyphosate exposure have been systematically underestimated, Gimenez said.

“What I enjoyed most about the competition was meeting the other presenters and learning about everyones research,” Gimenez said.

Gimenez won $500 for her second place title and will help represent Boise State in the statewide competition this week. Competitors in the 3MT statewide competition will also present their research in just three minutes or less with only one slide.

Gimenez said she is looking forward to sharing her research in the upcoming competition and getting to meet students from Idaho’s other public research institutions.

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