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Rauscher Presents Research at University of Alabama Birmingham School of Public Health

School of Public and Population Health Professor Kimberly Rauscher recently presented her research, “Young Workers’ Experiences with Sexual Harassment and Verbal Abuse at Work,” at the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Public Health.

Rauscher’s research stems from the findings of a national study of workplace violence among youth led by Rauscher.

Rauscher’s presentation centered on the most prevalent forms of workplace violence: verbal attacks, bullying, intimidation, sexual harassment and non-fatal physical assaults. Workers under the age of 25 are more likely to encounter these issues because they are more likely to work in retail and service occupations where the risk of workplace violence is higher, Rauscher shared. Watch Rauscher’s full presentation here.

Rauscher’s research focuses on occupational health and safety policy and injury prevention with an emphasis on adolescent workers in the U.S.