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Serena Huchingson, Idaho Sports Medicine Institute Intern

In this series, we ask Public Health and Population Science (PHPS) students to tell us about their internship experiences. 

What is your Major?

Health Studies, General Emphasis

Where did you intern?

Idaho Sports Medicine Institute (ISMI)

What were some of your responsibilities or projects?

Some of my responsibilities included getting patients’ vitals and medical history, assisting my doctors in giving cortisone shots and aspirations, typing up medical histories as well as assessing patient injuries upon arrival to present to the doctors, etc.

What was the best part of your experience?

The best part of my experience was the amazing hands on opportunities I was able to participate in and all the new information I was taught. I was able to build so many amazing relationships with the nurses, doctors, surgeons, and x-day techs at ISMI and I will forever be grateful.

What are you most proud of during your experience?

The thing I am most proud of during my experience is my ability to quickly learn the information and tasks at hand and be able to perform them so quickly. I am proud of my ability to be able to find certain joints, muscles, etc through ultrasound and know how to assist a doctor in injecting people.

Why were you drawn to this internship?

I was drawn to this internship because I recently had Tommy John Surgery and being through surgery, PT, the hospital, etc. it caught my eye. I have always had interest in the nursing field, but was not 100% sure I wanted to become a nurse after I graduate and finish up my collegiate softball career. When this opportunity came to me I wanted to jump on it.

How did you get hired to this internship position?

I got this internship because one of the surgeons at this clinic did my Tommy John Surgery and I had come to ISMI for other medical reasons as an athlete at Boise State University.  I have worked a lot with these doctors, nurses, and surgeons and built those connections and relationships. When I knew I wanted to do an internship, I immediately knew I wanted to do it at ISMI. Best decision ever!

What advice do you have for students who are applying for or completing internships?

Dream big and follow your heart. If you are wondering whether you will like a certain career field, find a way to get an internship in that field and try it out. Until you try it first hand you won’t know. Lastly, just enjoy the process!