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Sarah Toevs, PhD

Professor Emeritus, School of Public and Population Health

Sarah Toevs

Dr. Sarah Toevs, is a professor emeritus in the School of Public and Population Health. Her tenure at Boise State University spans 24 years during which she directed the interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Aging and established the Idaho Family Caregiver Alliance.  Dr Toevs is passionate about actively engaging students, faculty, and community partners in efforts to maximize quality of life for individuals of all ages.

Dr. Toevs holds a doctoral degree from the University of Utah with an emphasis in Gerontology. Her research expertise is in the areas of program evaluation and assessment and have resulted in several state and regional reviews such as the Idaho Needs Assessment of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia, Idaho Family Caregiver Needs Assessment, Idaho Fit and Fall Proof Evaluation, and Valley County Age-friendly Assessment. These efforts reflect her commitment to generating real-time evidence for use in community-based planning and decision making.

Dr. Toevs maintains an extensive network of local and state partners including colleagues with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and District Health Departments, the Idaho Commission on Aging and regional Area Agencies on Aging, LEARN Idaho, and the Idaho Public Health Association, Alzheimer’s Association, and AARP, to name a few.

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