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Students Look Forward to Future of Public Health

In celebration of National Public Health Week (NPHW), Master of Public Health students share what the theme of each day during NPHW means to them, faculty across campus and the Boise State community.

As National Public Health Week unfolds, we’re focusing on “The Future of Public Health”. Here in Boise, Idaho, this theme resonates deeply as our community strives to adapt, innovate, and collaborate to build a healthier tomorrow. Boise, like many cities, has health problems like disease, food insecurity, and poor mental and physical health. We see these challenges as opportunities to make things better. Local groups are already working on making Boise healthier and they need OUR help.

Central District Health (CDH) plays a vital role in addressing diseases and injuries thus promoting public health. Through programs preventative work around drug overdose, diabetes, falls, STIs, suicide, and tabacco and vaping, CDH is spearheading efforts to safeguard public health in Boise.

The City of Good is a nonprofit working to make sure everyone has access to healthy food with their food pantry. Every other week the nonprofit fills community pantries at Boise Public Schools with fresh produce and shelf-stable goods. Additionally, the City of Good has a partnership with Global Gardens, a program of the Idaho Office for Refugees, to assist local refugee farmers by providing training, renting plots at a discount, and helping them sell their crops.

Boise has services like The Idaho Crisis & Suicide Hotline (ICSH), which is a lifeline for Idaho residents dealing with mental health crisis. ICSH, staffed by trained responders 24/7, 365 days a year, provides free and confidential help and serves as an entrance point into the state’s behavioral health care system. Additionally, Communities for Youth, an upstream prevention initiative, focuses on working with young people to identify both risks and protective factors in their lives to prevent crises from arising in the first place, thus promoting general well-being and mental health.

In Boise’s future, we need to work together to make sure everyone is healthy. By joining local projects, speaking up for fair health policies, and supporting each other, we can create a future where everyone in Boise can thrive. Let’s face the challenges and opportunities ahead together! Let’s make Boise a healthier home for everyone!

Master of Public Health Student Authors: Estabon Bozeman, Macy Jordan, Diana Gomez Romero