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Health Studies: General Emphasis Plan of Study

Year | Semester | CourseCreditsTotal
First Year | Fall
FW ENGL 101 Writing and Rhetoric I3
FS HLTH 110 Introduction to Health Science and Public Health3
HLTH 101 Medical Terminology3
UF 100 Foundations of Intellectual Life312
First Year | Spring
FW ENGL 102 Writing and Rhetoric II3
FN CHEM 101 Introduction to Chemistry w/ Lab or 111 General Chemistry I w/ Lab4
FS Foundations of Social Science3
HLTH 105 Health, Wellness, and Advocacy3
FM MATH 254 Statistical Methods or Math 153 Statistical Reasoning316
Second Year | Fall
FN BIOL 191 Biology I: Intro to Cell & Molecular Bio or BIOL 227 Human Anatomy & Phys I4
HLTH 210 Health Services Administration 3
UF 200 Foundations of Ethics and Diversity 3
Second Year | Spring
BIOL 192 Biology II: Intro to the Diversity of Life or BIOL 228 Human Anatomy & Phys II4
FC Foundations of Oral Communication3
FA Foundations of Arts3
Elective 316
Third Year | Fall
HLTH 300 Pathophysiology or HLTH 355 Human Health and Disease 3-4
HLTH 315 Health Policy and Ethics 3
Upper Division EOH, HEP, or HLTH course 3
Upper Division Elective3
Third Year | Spring
FH Foundations of Humanities3
HLTH 382 Research Methods in Health3
Upper Division EOHS, HEP, or HLTH course3
Upper Division Elective3
Fourth Year | Fall
HLTH 460 Determinants of Health3
Upper Division EOHS, HEP, or HLTH Course3
Upper Division Elective3
Fourth Year | Spring
FF HLTH 490 Interprofessional Capstone3
HLTH 480 Epidemiology3
HLTH 488 Student Outcomes Assessment0
Upper Division EOHS, HEP, or HLTH Course3
Upper Division Elective0-1