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Andrus Scholars Program

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Sponsored internships with federal, state, nonprofit, or other mission-centered business enterprises that provide Boise State Environmental Studies students with meaningful work experience that will enhance learning and skill development, assist in post-graduation job placement, and ultimately support the development of the environmental and public lands stewards of tomorrow.

A 10-week summer internship will encompass pertinent job experience and a variety of skill development opportunities such as fieldwork, job shadowing, industry networking, conference attendance, mentoring, and career counseling.

Students will complete their programs by making presentations of their internship experience and learning to a panel including but not limited to the Andrus Center Endowed Chair, Andrus Center Board of Governors, School of Public Service Dean, Environmental Studies Program Director, and other affiliated colleagues.

Andrus Scholars Program Includes:

  • 10-week, 30/hr a week, 6-Credit hours Summer Internship
  • $6,000 in scholar funds to help pay for internship credit hours, provide the equivalent to a living wage for hours worked, and any internship-related travel and expenses

Upon successful program completion, Andrus Scholars:

  • Will receive letters of professional recommendation from their internship agency supervisors
  • Will receive letters of professional recommendation from the Andrus Center Endowed Chair
  • Will receive free attendance to all Andrus Center conferences for the remainder of their Boise State program studies. This includes our annual Environmental Conference, Women and Leadership conference, and any Education focused events and Andrus Lectures.

2020 Summer Internship Opportunities:

Bureau of Land Management-

  • Assist in analyzing the environmental consequences of proposed projects to help inform decision-making (including writing and editing National Environmental Policy Act analyses)
  • Participate in public outreach regarding public lands, natural resources, safety, and stewardship
  • Conduct fieldwork in programs such as wildlife, range forestry, or recreation to aid in the management of public lands for current and future generations

Idaho Conservation League-

  • Public Lands Management: Review land management project proposals from the Forest Service and BLM and draft science-based comments.
  • Field Work: Join ICL staff on field tours to review mining, travel planning, and forest restoration projects. Assist with citizen scientist and wilderness stewardship field trips as needed.
  • Outreach: Assist engagement staff with outreach events as needed to elevate ICL’s presence within a broad community.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game-

  • Assist with analysis of public surveys and license database information to inform efforts relating to recruitment, retention, and reactivation of license buyers.

  • Work with Communication Bureau on public outreach to communicate the Department’s efforts to manage fish and wildlife and serve our license customers and the public.

  • Participate in fieldwork with the Fisheries and Wildlife Bureaus to support the management of fish and wildlife and the habitats upon which they depend

  • Applications have closed for the 2020 program.

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