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Sustainable Management of the National Forests

Dale N. Bosworth, Chief USDA Forest Service

December 12, 2001
Boise State University
Student Union Jordan Ballroom
Boise, Idaho

The Andrus Center was privileged to host the new Chief of the U.S. Forest Service, Dale Bosworth, for his first public address in Idaho. On December 12, 2001, in the Jordan Ballroom of the Boise State University, Chief Bosworth took on some of the toughest issues facing his agency–wildfire management, regulatory gridlock, and collaborative decision-making–and shared with the audience his assessment of all three and his view of possible solutions. During the question period, the audience raised issues ranging from management of roadless areas to recreational use fees to the Quincy Library Group.

For a complete transcript of the evening, click the following link to download a.pdf version.
Download Sustainable Management of the National Forests, Dale N. Bosworth Transcript (.pdf format 516k)