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2021 Women and Leadership Conference

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Tickets are on sale for the Andrus Center for Public Policy’s highly popular Women and Leadership Conference. 

Scheduled for September 29-30, this annual sellout conference will again be hosted on the virtual platform, Hopin. Previous in-person conferences were limited to 800 participants in Boise State’s Student Union Building. With our move to a virtual platform, we are able to ensure we all are COVID safe and we dramatically expanded our reach! If you are itching for in-person, we understand and can assure you 2022 will be a hybrid format. 

When asked about the Hopin platform we hosted the 2020 conference in, some attendees said, 

I enjoyed this platform more than I thought I would. It was very easy to navigate and I liked being able to enlarge the presentation screen, and yet still see the presenter and moderator. It felt like I was in the room with them.”

“..much better than expected, and frankly better than many in-person conferences I’ve attended.”

Over the two days, attendees can participate in six (6) keynote presentations, twenty four (24) total Skill Builder breakout sessions (choose from option of 6 each time), an array of fun elective attendee activities, an exhibit area for sponsor engagement, and more! In addition, nearly all of the conference content will be recorded and accessible for a full year following the event to registrants. This will allow for registrants to engage in as many of the Skill Builder session recordings as they chose and continue to revisit presentations on demand. 

Along with standard ticket pricing of $215, discounted volume, student, and non profit/small business pricing will be available. A cost-sharing scholarship program will once again be accessible to qualifying registrants to help ease the impact of COVID and current events. 


A scholarship giftee will purchase:

  • A gift of $150 to extend one scholarship to a fellow registrant

The scholarship recipient will purchase:

  • A substantially reduced portion of the cost ($30) for conference registration
  • Apply for a scholarship HERE and an Andrus Center representative will be in contact with you

Select sponsors and individuals have generously provided resources to the cost-sharing scholarship program to minimize any barriers for attendee engagement and in support of the Women and Leadership conference vision. Thank you for your generous support!

More information is coming soon!

Interested in sponsoring this year’s conference, please email