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Ashley Orme Nichols

Ashley Orme Nichols headshotAshley Orme Nichols

Owner of Sisu Training and Consulting, Director of the Conflict Management Program, Boise State University

Ashley Orme Nichols is the Director of the Conflict Management Program at Boise State University and Owner of Sisu Training and Consulting. After stumbling into the world of ConflictManagement over a decade ago, Ashley has been honing her passion for effective communication, emotional intelligence, and creating the most authentic version of yourself- all in support of having meaningful relationships in your personal and professional life.  Through her education and professional career, Ashley has witnessed the importance of learning and utilizing effective tools for managing the day-to-day conflict in our lives. When she isn’t being a nerd about conflict, you will find Ashley in her back-yard garden or going on adventures with her husband David, bonus kiddo Killian, and fur kids Zoey and Bear.