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Hilary Horton-Brown 

Hilary Horton-BrownHilary Horton-Brown

Registered Dietitian

ACE certified Health Coach

Behavior Change Specialist

Group Fitness Instructor

A 30 year veteran of the health and wellness world, Hilary Horton-Brown is a collector, cultivator and teacher of self-care tools that enable people to live their healthiest and happiest lives. Her career began with an extensive education in nutrition and fitness. The results: understanding of the optimal physical lifestyle conducive to healthy living. She then wanted more. In-depth yoga, meditation and behavior change training added invaluable insight into the mental, emotional and spiritual components of a well-balanced, joyful life. She has worked with thousands of students, clients and interested groups, honing her skills regarding how to live our best lives. As the (newly retired) Sports Dietitian for Boise State University for over 15 years, Hilary gained vital clues to employing top performance habits. Hilary combines all this with being human herself (and all the curious messiness that entails) and a passion to help others take pleasure in life. She encourages meditating without any rules.

Horton-Brown is a Registered Dietitian, an ACE certified Health Coach, Behavior Change Specialist and Group Fitness Instructor. She has her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification and is in the middle of another 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training. She recently completed The Radiant Sutras 200 hour Meditation Teacher Training. She loves this stuff.