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Johnna Johnson

Johnna Johnson headshot

Chief Inspiration Officer – Johnna Johnson & Co.

Johnna Johnson & Co. inspires organizations, teams and individuals to Just Jump: From Mediocrity to Excellence. Throughout her keynotes, workshops and coaching, you will experience not only her energetic and interactive methods but most importantly, her essential elements of excellence: Ambition, Attitude & Action! This high-energy, excellence-driven, Idaho-native exudes genuine passion not only in what she delivers but also in those she teaches.

With over 20 years in the professional development arena, Johnna has worked extensively in both the private and government sectors along with numerous professional associations and individuals. Johnna has served as a Training Officer for the largest law enforcement agency in the state of Idaho, earned her way into the top 2% of an International Direct-Sales Company, was an instructor for the largest financial institution in the world and has served as a key C-level executive in multi-million dollar businesses – winning numerous awards for her impactful results her programs create.

In addition, Johnna received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with an emphasis in Training & Development from Boise State University, where she also taught as Adjunct Faculty. Her articles have been featured in journals, forums and columns around the world, her message has been broadcast on radio waves from California to New York and she has authored two books, “Just Jump!” (Trieste Publishing House, 2008) and “Discover Your Inner Strength” (Insight Publishing, 2009). She hosted her own Lifestyle Show on CBS, and has been a featured coach on numerous other radio and tv shows.

This hockey mom celebrates life, with the two most important men in her life, husband, Brad and son, Tyler in Denver, Colorado where she enjoys everything creative (except cooking – read her book for the great details!) and most importantly lays claim to two household titles “Domino Diva” and “Scrabble Queen”.