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Tips and Tricks for Virtual Attendees

  • We recommend attending the event using a laptop or PC, as we cannot guarantee it will work flawlessly on mobile.
  • For the best Hopin experience, we recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox. Please avoid Brave, Safari, and Microsoft IE or Edge.
  • The “What’s happening now” button in the Reception area allows you to one-click navigate to where the action is.
  • To send a direct message, find the person you wish to chat within the People tab, click their profile photo, and start your conversation.
  • Each Session and Expo booth will have a separate chat where you can interact with other participants or ask questions to the host.
  • Missed a Keynote or Session? All Speakers and Skill Builder topics will be available on-demand following the event for registrants.
  • Boise State University is not responsible for internet outages or technical difficulties.

Contact us for more help!

Internet speed

For a great online experience in Hopin our virtual event platform the recommendation is a minimum of 5mbps download and 2mbps upload speed. Ideally would be 30mbps download and 10mbps upload or higher for guaranteeing best quality. Click here for a speed testPlease close all additional tabs on your computer or device to help increase internet bandwidth.

Browser Recommendations

Make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox and that your browser is fully up to date. Please avoid Brave, Safari, and Microsoft IE or Edge are not fully supported as they lack the support needed for live video events. Download Chrome onto your computer.


If there is constant buffering, it could be a sign that your browser is not up to date. If it is, flip to compatibility mode/view as the buffering could then be an indication for an insufficient internet speed. There is still buffering after going to compatibility mode? Then try to switch browsers and go into compatibility mode in that one.


We highly recommend that you participate and view the event on your computer.  If you are using any mobile device you will have limited functionality within the event platform. Also, if using mobile devices please make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox.  There is no way to call into the platform to just listen to the event. You must login via the internet.