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Degree Requirements by Catalog Year

The requirements for your degree completion are dependent on which catalog year you are in. Typically, this is the same year as the year you began studying at Boise State. Some students, however, choose to change their catalog year to a more recent catalog. Please make sure you are following the requirements of your catalog year. If you are not sure what your catalog year is, you can check this on your MyBoiseState account or contact the registrar for more information.

Catalog Year 2021-2022 (see pages 104-106)

Catalog Year 2020-2021 (see pages 122-124)

Catalog Year 2019-2020 (see pages 121-123)

Catalog Year 2018-2019 (see pages 118-120)

Catalog Year 2017-2018 (see pages 121-123)

Catalog Year 2016-2017 (see pages 119-121)