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Andrew Giacomazzi, Ph.D.

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Associate Dean and Professor, School of Public Service.


Ph. D., Political Science (1995).  Washington State University.
M.A., Criminal Justice (1991).  Washington State University.
B.A., Social Ecology (1989).  University of California-Irvine.
B.A., German (1989). University of California-Irvine.

Recent Publications

Refereed journal articles:

Mueller, D, Bostaph, L.G., and Giacomazzi, A.. (2013). “What Works in Treating Juveniles with Substance Abuse Problems, Mental Health Issues or Co-Occurring Disorders?”. Journal of Knowledge and Best Practices in Juvenile Justice and Psychology, 7(1), 55-64

Crank, J. P., Irlbeck, D. M., and Giacomazzi, A. L.. (2012). “A Risk-Based Model of Public Perceptions of Crime and Disorder”.  Criminal Justice Studies. 5.2: 131-144.

Crank, J. P. and Giacomazzi, Andrew. (2009). “A Sheriffs Office as a Learning Organization”.  Police Quarterly, 12(4), 351-369.

Giacomazzi, A. & Bell, V. (2007).  Drug court program monitoring: Lessons learned about program implementation and research methodology.  Criminal Justice Policy Review 18(3), 294-312.

Crank, J. & Giacomazzi, A. (2007).  Areal policing and public perceptions in a nonurban setting: One size fits one.  Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management 30(1), 108-131.


Thurman, Q. C., Zhao, J., & Giacomazzi, A. L. (2007). Community Policing in a Community Era: An Introduction and Exploration. Oxford University Press. (2001, Roxbury Publishing).

Thurman, Q. C., & Giacomazzi, A. (Eds.).  (2004). Controversies in Policing. Anderson Publishing.

Selected Works of Andrew Giacomazzi: